How to Style a Plain White T

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Plain white t-shirts are the ultimate wardrobe staple. There’s no one they don’t look great one, and there’s no occasion they don’t work for. Plain white t-shirts are the ultimate wardrobe item, and if you’re wondering how best to style this iconic piece of clothing – look no further. 

Here at Garment Printing we’re in love with the plain white T. We know it’s an item that spans decades, works for both men and women (and kids) and can pull even the most outlandish outfit into the realm of style. 

But first things first, you need to make sure you’ve chosen a plain white t-shirt that suits you, and works for you. The type of style you have, you height, your body shape, your gender – will also probably change the kind of white t-shirt you gravitate towards. But regardless, here are a few options: 

  • The box t-shirt (the classic boxy, t-shirt shape) great for that ‘classic’ look. 
  • The oversized t-shirt – for people who want a bit of extra space and breathing room. Or people who just like how baggy looks. 
  • The slim fit t-shirt – if you want to show off your body, go for something a little tighter, like the slimfit options. 
  • Low cut / scoop neck t-shirt – this style has sprung into style recently, for both men and women’s styles. Has a modern edge to it. 
  • V-neck – Great for women who want to let some chest show, and for men who want to let some chest show. Many women prefer this cut as it’s considered more flattering. 
  • Cropped t-shirt – the cropped t-shirt is definitely a recent trend icon. Many brands are adding in plain white cropped t-shirts to their main lines, as the demand is so high. 

Whatever kind of style you opt for, the plain white t-shirt is a classic. Cotton is always a classic choice for white t-shirts, but if you can’t find 100% cotton, opt for a high percentage blend with polyester. 

Regardless of the neckline, or the shape / cut of the shirt – there’s something so effortless about wearing a plain white t-shirt. Here are some of our styling ideas… 

Wear it with light-wash jeans 

Pair your white t-shirt with light-wash jeans or denim, and you have this iconic fashion pairing that’s hard to resist. Denim and white t-shirts are a match made in heaven and they give an outfit this effortless, iconic, retro style. It’s hard to go wrong with this pairing, as it’s so ‘classic’. Team your jeans with a pair of converse of white sneakers to finish the look. 

Wear it tucked into a formal wear

For a twist on a classic business look, try a plain white t-shirt tucked into formal business wear. For men, that might be tailored suit trousers, for women it might be tailored trousers or a tailored pencil skirt. The idea with this pairing, is to put a casual twist on a classic formal style. The crisp white t-shirt still looks smart and sophisticated, but it has a lot more ‘cool’ than a work shirt or something more traditional. 

Wear it with black jeans 

If you like monochrome pairings, then teaming a plain white t-shirt with some black-wash denim, is an awesome combination. It makes the t-shirt stand out, and it makes you look stylish and ooze cool. Make sure to team your outfit with some monochrome shoes too (or if you’re feeling brave, something totally bright and out of the box). This look works great for work, but also nights out and celebratory occasions too. 

Go all-white 

Going all-white is seen as daring, but it’s not something to be scared of. White is a colour anyone can look great in – so why not give it a try. The key to getting all-white right is making sure the textures and details look perfect. Team your white t-shirt with beautiful white linen, or white denim, and then use some bright accessories to lift the look a little. 

No matter how you choose to wear your plain white t-shirt, do it with confidence and attitude! Looking good is all about how you feel inside, so make sure to wear a plain white t-shirt that fits great and feels great too. Feeling comfortable in your clothes if half the battle, so if you can do that – you’ll no doubtedly look great.

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