Personalised Fleece

Stay warm without sacrificing breathability with our personalised fleeces. Perfect for professional and outdoor use, our fleeces are made by top brands like Regatta, with various materials and colours available.

Our range of personalised fleeces

Our custom fleeces offer unbeatable fit and comfort, with lightweight and heavyweight fabrics ideal for keeping out the cold on those chilly days. You can layer them under a jacket or body warmer for extra protection outdoors.

Our range includes full and half-zipped fleeces with or without pockets, with unisex, men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes.

Top brands like Regatta Professional, Uneek Clothing, Henbury, ProRTX, B & C Collection, Front Row, Result, Craghoppers, Jack Wolfskin, and Beechfield make our fleeces, giving you an unbeatable selection of high-quality items.

Popular products include the Regatta Professional Thor 350 with a heavy fleece fabric and the Gildan Hammer with a lighter material ideal for casual wear.

Our collection of fleece colours and weights provides custom fashion, outdoor brands, and workwear suppliers with the perfect combination of style and practicality.

Choosing the perfect fleeces

Consider the climate and conditions the fleece will be worn in to narrow down whether a lightweight, midweight, or heavyweight material is best.

If the fleece is to be worn in a cold and windy environment, heavyweight fleece material is best. This will offer greater insulation and protection from wind chill. For mild and changing climates, a midweight material is more suitable.

When selecting fleeces for custom apparel, think about their printability, the placement of logos and text, and how easy it is to remove any labels.

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