Personalised Hand Towels

Personalised hand towels are a fantastic way to spruce up bathrooms and make a statement in spas and hotels. Take your brand and service to the next level with embroidered hand towels.

Our range of personalised hand towels

Our personalised hand towels exude quality with luxurious cotton and microfibre fabrics that make the perfect canvas for embroidered logos, text, or intials. Our crisp, clean white hand towels provide a classic look in spas, hotels and boutiques that are trying to level up the standard of service they provide. 

Personalise hand towels with embroidery

Embroidered hand towels are one of our most popular offerings. Embroidery produces a high-quality professional finish and gives permanence to custom hand towels to ensure they look good as new for longer.

We can embroider any logo, pattern or text onto personalised hand towels to provide the ultimate luxury experience while showcasing your brand.

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