Personalised Hi-Vis Hoodies

Our personalised hi-vis hoodies deliver superior comfort and safety with certifications for high visibility for railway, roadside and construction workers. Choose from overhead, zipped, and water-repellent items to suit any line of work.

Our range of personalised hi-vis hoodies

We have an unbeatable selection of hi-vis hoodies, including pullovers and zipped items in multiple fabrics to suit any industry.

Our hi-vis hoodies are made by ProRTX, Regatta, and Yoko, the three biggest names in hi-vis workwear with a reputation for quality.

People working in wet environments will appreciate the water-repellent fabric of the Yoko Hi-Vis Zip Hoodie. This item conforms to EN ISO20471 Class 3 and RIS-3279-TOM in Orange and Orange/Navy, making it suitable for railway workers.

Another popular item is the Regatta Pro Hi Viz Zip Hoodie, which again suits railway workers in orange and all other professions in yellow.

Choosing the perfect hi vis hoodies

Firstly, familiarise yourself with the required certifications for reflective workwear. Some industries require EN ISO and RIS-3279-TOM certification. All our items are certified, making them a reliable option no matter your industry.

Zipped hi-vis hoodies are more versatile than pullovers, ideal for layering up, while pullover hoodies are typically warmer.

Softshell hoodies are the perfect summer and springtime replacement for hi-vis jackets, while water-repellent hoodies are ideal for autumn wear.

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