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Printed Polo Shirts

Printed Polo shirts and Embroidered Polo shirts are versatile products, suitable for any kind of occasion whether it’s sports, office or for workwear. They are available in long sleeve, short sleeve and children’s sizes, and come in all materials.

Our personalised polo shirts are sourced from some of the biggest and best brands around the world. This ensures that our polo shirts are comfortable and can be fully customised. Browse our catalogue and get a quick quote now! 

We can offer printed or embroidery on any position of the polo shirts, and we have all shapes and sizes. Whether you need performance sports polyester printed polo shirts, or embroidered organic cotton polo shirts, we have the right products and the best polo shirt printing options for you and your business.

Looking for a comfortable and stylish look? How about a personalised printed polo shirt? The buttons and collar can guarantee a smooth appearance and you can even add a creative design, or simply print your logo. At Garment Printing we can accommodate any of your style requirements – you can choose from a wide range of colours, sizes, materials and also printing techniques.

personalised polo shirts

printed polo shirt

personalised polo shirts embroidered polo shirts

Custom polo shirts as workwear

Printed Polo shirts perfectly bridge the gap between t-shirts and shirts. While polo shirts are mostly used as a casual attire, you can easily wear them on formal occasions, which makes them a perfect workwear for your employees.

Printing your logo on the polo shirts can increase your employees’ sense of belonging and being part of a big team. Furthermore, it’s a great way to promote your brand. Adding a creative detail also can help to put a smile on your clients’ faces – and will definitely make them want to comeback.

Custom polo shirts for events

A printed polo shirt on an event can be a great way to catch attention. Whether you are part of the organising team or a participant, getting as many attendees’ attention will always be an advantage. The team representing your brand can gain more trustworthiness by wearing a polo shirt with your logo. But why stop there? You can also add a call to action on the back of their shirts: “speak to us”, “ask us”, “see how we can help”.

Design your own personlised printed polo shirt with Garment Printing! We can print any artwork you have in mind, so don’t be afraid to be creative. We can also accommodate your budget and deliver the best quality results.



continental clothing personalised polo shirts embroidered polo shirts

continental clothing personalised polo shirts embroidered polo shirts

printed polo shirts for the team