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Personalised Hi Vis

Personalising your high visibility gear is an excellent strategy for getting your brand noticed. When you add your logo or business name to the clothing, your employees stand out, making them easy to spot and your brand more visible to potential clients.

Beyond branding, personalised hi vis clothing plays a crucial role in enhancing on-site safety. By making sure your team is highly visible, you’re taking an active step in reducing the chance of workplace accidents and injuries.


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Our Personalised Hi Vis Workwear Range

Explore the potential of custom high vis clothing with our wide array of high visibility clothing. From essential hi vis vests for daytime use to hi vis jackets and waterproofs for less favourable weather, your team will be conspicuous at all times. Our selection grows to include hi vis trousers and long-sleeve hi vis polo shirts for an expert look that retains high visibility.

Adding your bespoke touch, such as a logo or business name, to our hi vis work clothes transforms each item into a beacon for your brand identity. Items like hi vis hoodies and hi vis trousers become synonymous with your company’s image, presenting uniformity and professionalism across your staff.

For more ideas, check out the hi vis collection and the complete hi-vis buying guide.

Hi Vis Workwear

Our hi vis work clothes are made with resilience and style in mind, ensuring each piece, from hi vis t-shirts to bomber jackets, is comfortable to wear and offers excellent visibility. For tasks that need more rigorous safety precautions, our high visibility waterproof apparel and vis safety bombers provide additional security, keeping your team visible and dry even in tough conditions.

We accommodate all needs with a variety of sizes and designs, including hi vis vests and workwear, perfect for industries that require the ultimate in visibility and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​​​

Definitely. Our high visibility work clothes collection is extensive and varied, offering hi vis garments suitable for a multitude of work environments, including casual hi-vis hoodies.

Personalising your high visibility garments with your brand’s logo or name guarantees distinction. Our experts will assist you in choosing the ideal placement for maximum impact and visibility.

Our high visibility workwear complies with EN ISO safety standards, assuring your staff’s attire is not just visible and fashionable but also meets stringent safety criteria.