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Personalised Workwear

Smart and branded workwear is one part of your business that can really elevate your brand and make it more recognisable and professional. If you’ve always wanted to invest in branded uniform, but didn’t think you had the budget – you might be pleasantly surprised by the options we can offer at Garment Printing. It’s simple really… Do you want to make your brand easily recognisable? If so – personalised workwear is exactly what you need to make your business stand out.

A wide variety of workwear options

No matter what kind of business you have, there will be a personalised uniforms / workwear option that is ideal for your staff. Here are some ideas… 

  • For formal workwear, our crisp white collared shirts are the perfect traditional workwear option and can be personalised with your brand name or logo. We even offer embroidery options too – for that extra luxurious feeling – great for high end establishments and luxury hotels. 
  • For more casual workwear environments, such as coffee shops or stores, we offer polo shirt options which work amazingly well as staff uniforms. They’re not only extremely comfortable and breathable, but they offer a fantastic easy-to-maintain option for staff too. 
  • For kitchen staff, or chefs, we offer personalised aprons and chef wear – which means they can proudly display the brand name whilst cooking up a storm! 
  • For clinical or medical staff, we even have the traditional health and beauty uniforms in a variety of colours and styles (from t-shirts to tabards, to aprons). These work great for therapists, beauticians and those in the health industries too. 

On our website, you have a vast range of workwear suitable for any kind of industry, as you can see above! You can choose anything, from aprons to high visibility clothes and we can personalise any of your choices – you name it, we print on it. It means your brand logo is displayed with pride, and your staff look smart, presentable and coordinated too.

Excellent customer service combined with your brand logo on the employees’ workwear can have a significant impact on your brand awareness and reputation, and you’ll find people remembering your brand much more once you’re displaying the name and logo on staff uniforms. 

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Design your uniform online

Our online design option can help you see how your logo will look like on your product of choice, if you’re still not sure, you can also order a sample from us. 

We make things as simple as possible at Garment Printing – so if you find you’re struggling with any part of the process, you can always contact our team of experts to get advice on the material and printing technique that will best suit your business message. 

If you have a large order, we also offer considerable discounts, which make our services affordable without compromising on the quality. This is great for larger businesses, especially where staff numbers are more than 50. 

For Socially Responsible Companies 

Being socially responsible is highly important in today’s business and economic climate. Businesses who take the extra effort to look after the planet, are businesses that receive more support from customers. 

Our suppliers undergo careful selection based on the quality of products so that you won’t be disappointed. We work with 14 big brands, including Continental and Fruit of the Loom. We have selected the brand Continental mainly due to its fair share collection. The aim of the FAIR SHARE range is to pay all workers a living wage.

 Although it is a slightly more expensive option, we believe that it is worth the difference when the economic support to hundreds of families across India is taken into account. 

If you want to increase your CSR, we also encourage you to browse our earth-positive products, such as bamboo T-shirts and Organic Fairtrade Cotton sweatshirts. For a consistent message, you can combine these products with our eco-friendly printing technique – water-based screen printing. 

With Garment Printing, being sustainable is easy and accessible! You can also benefit from our same-day delivery option so you won’t have to stress about the deadlines any longer. You can read our same day delivery reviews by Nike. We managed to deliver large orders in short time and impeccable quality. 

Want to know more?

We offer lots of personalised types of workwear including aprons, chefs wear and also health and beauty uniforms. Call our team today on 0207 101 9315 for more information, we’re always happy to help and look forward to exceeding your expectations.