How to Choose Sustainable Personalised Clothing

Steps to Choose Your Sustainable Personalised Clothing Wisely

Sustainable fashion is on the rise, with more and more people seeking ethical and environmentally friendly options when it comes to personalising their clothing. At Garment Printing, we understand the importance of making conscious choices, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to choose sustainable personalised clothing. Here, we provide practical tips so you can personalise your garments responsibly.

1. Learn About Sustainable Materials

Before personalising your clothing, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with available sustainable materials. Opt for options such as organic cotton, ECOVERO™ viscose, Tencel, bamboo yarn, or recycled polyester. These materials minimize environmental impact and ensure more ethical production.

Here you can learn more about bamboo fabric and ECOVERO™ viscose.

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2. Sustainability Certifications

Look for brands and suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications. Labels like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ensure that the clothing meets strict environmental and social standards.

Here you can see our certifications:

3. Production Process

Research the production process used to customise the clothing. Sustainable printing methods, such as water-based screen printing or digital printing with eco-friendly inks, are environmentally friendly options. These processes reduce the use of chemicals and water.

We leave you here an informative video for you to see how sustainable clothing is made:

4. Durability and Quality

Sustainability also involves the durability of garments. Customising quality clothing ensures that pieces last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacement. Opt for timeless designs that don’t quickly go out of fashion.

5. Responsible Personalisation:

When personalising your clothing, consider the quantity and location of graphic elements. Less can be more, and choosing simpler designs can reduce material and energy waste.

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6. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Don’t forget to consider packaging. Look for eco-friendly and recyclable packaging options. Reducing waste at all levels, including packaging, contributes to a more sustainable approach.

7. Reuse and Recycle

Think about how your customised garments could have a second life. Reuse and recycling are integral parts of sustainable fashion. Encourage the idea that garments can be recycled or donated rather than discarded.

8. Consumer Awareness

8. Consumer Awareness: Choosing sustainable clothing is not just about brands and suppliers; consumers also play a crucial role. Educate your customers about the importance of sustainable fashion and how their choices positively impact the environment.


At Garment Printing, we take pride in offering sustainable custom clothing options. We are committed to providing products that not only meet your design expectations but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Personalise with consciousness and style!

Would you like to personalise your sustainable clothing?

Contribute to the environment and promote your brand by choosing personalised and sustainable clothing.

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