Personalised Hi-Vis Vests

Personalised hi-vis vests are the perfect summertime health and safety wear for railway, roadside, construction, and security crews. Our range includes yellow, orange, navy, and black vests and many more colours to match your brand.

Our range of personalised hi-vis vests

We have an extensive selection of hi-vis vests suitable for all lines of work, from railways to crowd control, each customisable with your logos.

The Result Core RZ200X is available in 14 colours, with EN ISO 20471 CLASS 2 certification in yellow and RIS-3279-TOM ISSUE 2:2019 in orange.

Other popular hi-vis vests include the Regatta RG465 and Result Safeguard R211A, with the latter vest designed specifically for motorists.

We also offer a wide range of kid’s hi-vis vests ideal for clubs and sports events, such as the ProRTX RX70JResult Core R200J and Result R212J Tabard.

Leading brands make all our hi-vis vests to ensure compliance with hi-vis standards.

Choosing the perfect hi-vis vests

Depending on the industry you are in, certain colours are more effective than others. For example, yellow is the standard colour for high visibility across construction, but orange is the only colour approved for railway use.

Security and crowd control companies can use any colour of hi-vis vests, although blue is the most popular colour for stewards and staff.

Ensure the hi-vis vests you buy have relevant hi-vis certifications, and layer up with hi-vis t-shirts if you want to provide extra protection.

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