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Personalised Bags

Make your own bag to showcase your unique style and creativity. With Garment Printing you can customise any type of bag you want, and we have a wide range of designs and styles to suit your personal taste. We have a vast choice of school bags, luggage, sports, laptop and even tote bags.

Using personalised bags for merchandising 

Merchandising is one of the most effective and popular ways for brands to market themselves. We know how effect promotional merchandise products can be – and if you’re looking into this kind of promotional activity – personalised bags are definitely the way to go. 

Our personalised bags make fantastic merchandising products for companies and brands looking to take their marketing to the next level. Our personalised bags make a clear statement about your brand, and they make fantastic products to increase your exposure. 

We’ve seen brands and companies give their personalised and printed bags away as prizes at corporate events, or even give them away for free as promotional products too. Personalised bags are versatile and genuinely useful too – so they make one of the best choices for promotional merchandising products. 

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Choosing the right style for your brand 

If you’re looking for a stylish giveaway during a company event, tote bags are a perfect choice. We have printed many tote bags in the past for different clients, you can see their reviews in our case study section. Tote bags are also extremely versatile and package up easily – making them ideal for events and corporate retreats. 

Personalised and branded tote bags also work great for clothing brands and clothing boutiques. If you’re looking to add an extra bit of luxury to your customer’s shopping experience, offering them a personalised tote bag at the end of their transaction is the best way to do so. They’ll keep hold of the tote bag for future use too – meaning your brand and your store is always at the forefront of their mind. 

For more corporate clients, we recommend looking into personalised laptop bags or even personalised luggage. This speaks volumes about your professional ethics as a brand and it shows the quality you’re passionate about. Having your logo on the employees’ laptop bags or even on luggage if you work in the corporate or travel industry can significantly increase your brand awareness and attract new clients.

We have a selection of bags suited for any type of industry. For gym workers and sports teams, we have sports bags. You can print your logo and even website address on them using different printing techniques. If you operate in the travel industry, customised luggage can have a great impact on your brand visibility. 

For companies with strong CSR

We have our collection of organic bags that you can customise using the water-based printing technique. Water-based inks work well with cotton, polyester and poly-cotton blends. Due to the minimal hand of water-based prints, very large and detailed designs printed onto a garment will feel light and thin, while the same design printed using plastisol inks will be much heavier because of the thickness of the ink layers.

We try and cater our products to all kinds of businesses so if you have any special requests, or if you need to discuss certain requirements with us, then feel free to get in touch. 


Our personalisation is key to the quality of products we offer. We know that personalisation is key to branded items, especially branded bags. We know that when you’re investing in personalisable bags, that you want the product to be exactly as you imagined. 

Because of this we offer many different personalisable techniques, from printed to embroidery. We can also colour-match your logo with our printers, to ensure an exact match on colours. 

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If you’re not sure on the type of garment or printing technique to use, we have a team of experts happy to help! You can contact them using our online form, and you’ll get a reply within 15 minutes during work times.