Personalised Hi-Vis T-Shirts

Beat the heat and stay seen with our personalised hi-vis t-shirts. Your workers will stand out with high visibility and reflective detailing that conforms to industry standards, with superior comfort thanks to lightweight materials.

Our range of hi-vis t-shirts

Top brands like Yoko, ProRTX, and Regatta manufacture our hi-vis t-shirts, with each garment conforming to industry standards for high visibility.

The ProRTX RX720 and Yoko YK018 hold EN ISO 20471:2013 certification in yellow and RIS-3279-TOM ISSUE 1:2016 in orange. The Yoko hi-vis t-shirt is also available in black, navy, and two-tone colourways to suit your branding.

Other popular hi-vis t-shirts include the Regatta RG463, a lightweight and moisture-wicking t-shirt in yellow and orange.

Hi-vis t-shirts are essential health and safety items for outdoor workers due to offering visibility and protection in low-light environments.

Fully customised with your logo, branding or message, they are also a fantastic way to give your company a professional edge.

Choosing the perfect hi-vis t-shirts

Breathability is important for comfort and can help ensure your staff feel comfortable and safe while wearing hi-vis t-shirts.

Look for lightweight fabrics designed to wick away sweat, such as those offered by Yoko, ProRTX and Regatta.

Colour is also an important factor to consider. Most hi-vis t-shirts come in yellow and orange, while others are offered in black and navy. Yellow and orange are standard colours, but your company might better suit black or a two-tone design.


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