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Personalised Laptop Bag

A smart and professional looking laptop bag is one of the first steps to being taken seriously in the business world. We all know that in business, first impressions count hugely – so it’s highly important to make sure you have a great laptop bag that sets the right tone and gives off the right first impression. 

Whether you use it every day for work, or whether you take it with you to client meetings, having a smart and high quality laptop bags is a must-have for anyone ins the business world. 

We know with laptop bags that style is just as important as style – and with our range of laptop bags, you can have both. Our laptop bags not only look great, but they are made of high quality material and they’re long lasting too. With our range of laptop bags, you can have protection and style and truly have the best of both worlds. 

There are many reasons a business might want to personalise their laptop cases. Here are some ideas: 

  • Give away personalised laptop bags as gifts to clients 
  • Give your staff personalised laptop bags to help spread brand awareness 
  • Have personalised laptop bags as ‘prizes’ for good work effort 
  • Give away personalised laptop cases at conferences of industry events 


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Customising your laptop bag

But it’s not just about style and function. A truly great laptop bag will be branded too – because when you’re at work representing your brand, having a brand laptop bag is an ideal way to proudly show off the company you work for. 

You can make your company logo the stand-out design on your newly customised laptop bag, or you can have the logo and branding subtle and discreet – the choice is yours. There are many design options available to suit all business needs. 

Customise them with your company logo and even the website address to increase your brand visibility. We have any type of bags you might want including briefcases and backpacks of any colour that can perfectly match your brand requirements.

Different kinds of bags we offer 

We offer a variety of laptop bags that would be perfect for business use. These include: 

  • Vintage laptop backpack 
  • Professional laptop briefcase 
  • Campus bag laptop case 
  • Bullion laptop case 
  • Voyager briefcase / laptop case
  • Two-tone digital messenger laptop bag 

With all of these different designs and styles, there is something to suit everyone and every business. We even have different colour options for the different bag designs too – so you can choose which colour choice is best for your logo and branding. 

Printing techniques 

We have many printing techniques on offer at Garment Printing. We have any printing technique that you might want to use on the laptop bag. Put your brand on display using embroidery or Cad Cut Vinyl Printing. If you have a design that contains one or two colours, Cad Cut Vinyl is perfect, alternatively you can use a stylish and durable embroidery.

For companies with strong CSR, we have our eco-friendly laptop bag made of 100% Recycled Polyester. This option is perfect for embroidery with the approx print area of 28 x 16cm. Also, if you have a one or two colour design, you can use Cad Cut Vinyl, which doesn’t have any setup costs involved. The different types of vinyl allow for different special effects that your designs can be made from or that could be added to certain elements of your design to make it stand out from the rest. You can call our team of expert that can advise you on the best technique to use on your chosen laptop bag model and garment.

Our service has proved to be the best and recognised by the most prominent brands, including Google, Nike and The Guardian. You can read our reviews and see our case studies for some inspiration. Learn about our past work with MBP School of Coaches and Sports Networking Barcelona and see their embroidered backpack.


Want to know more?

If you want to know more about ordering branded laptop cases, we can offer full guidance and support through the ordering process. Our team of helpful printing experts will be more than happy to help you place your order! 

We also offer lots of other bags and clothing types that are fully personalisable. Call our team today on 0207 101 9315 for more information, we’re always happy to help and look forward to exceeding your expectations.