Personalised Fruit of the Loom hoodies

Take your personalised loungewear to the next level with luxurious Fruit of the Loom hoodies. These hoodies make perfect merchandise and casual workwear with supreme comfort, long-lasting durability, and customisable designs. Add personalised logos, graphics, and lettering with our personalised printing and embroidery service to make them your own.

Why choose Fruit of the Loom hoodies?

You can always rely on Fruit of the Loom for the highest-quality hoodies and garments. The USA company maintains strict standards throughout its production at purpose-built facilities, primarily in Morocco, Mexico, and El Salvador.

Modern manufacturing techniques and a history spanning back over 150 years ensure reliable products that meet your demands. We are proud to partner with Fruit of the Loom to offer a comprehensive range of personalised hoodies.

Our Fruit of the Loom hoodie range

Our Fruit of the Loom hoodies range includes zip-up and pullover hoodies in multiple colours and materials. Fruit of the Loom hoodies come in material combinations, such as 80/20 (80% Cotton, 20% Polyester) and 70/30 (70% Cotton, 30% Polyester). A higher cotton content signifies a heavier hoodie with a more casual fit.

  We offer premium hoodies perfect for workwear and high-quality merchandise with embroidered logos or lightweight sports hoodies.  You can even pair hoodies with  personalised Fruit of the Loom t-shirts.  

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