Discover the top 5 personalised products to promote your brand this summer

Boost your business this summer with personalised and sustainable products

Summer is the perfect season to give personalised products for summer to promote your brand. As temperatures rise, people seek practical and comfortable items to accompany them during their activities under the sun. In this article, we discuss the top five personalised and sustainable products that will not only enhance the visibility of your brand but also contribute to a positive and conscious image of your company.

1. Personalised and Sustainable T-Shirts

Sustainable and personalised t-shirts are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. In addition to being an excellent way to promote your brand, they also provide comfort and style to those who wear them. Opt for organic cotton t-shirts, bamboo t-shirts, or ECOVERO viscose t-shirts, which are environmentally friendly and ensure a soft feel and increased breathability for this time of the year.

Personalisation idea: Add your logo subtly on the chest, or go for eye-catching and summery designs that capture the essence of the season. Vibrant or pastel colour options will enhance the visibility of your brand, especially at outdoor events.

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2. Personalised Caps

Caps are essential during sunny days, and customising them with your logo is a smart strategy to increase brand visibility. Opt for caps made from sustainable materials to reinforce your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Personalisation Idea: The best printing technique for personalised caps is embroidery; this ensures quality and durability. This not only makes your brand recognizable but also creates an emotional connection with users.

3. Personalised Water Bottles

In summer, hydration is key, and reusable water bottles are a practical and eco-friendly item. Opt for bottles made from recyclable materials and free of BPA. Personalisation can be done through labels with your logo or through direct printing on the bottle.

Personalisation Idea: Add positive messages about the importance of caring for the environment and reducing plastic consumption or motivational phrases. These details will not only highlight your commitment to sustainability but also inspire your customers to adopt more eco-friendly habits.

Personalised products for summer
Personalised products for summer

4. Personalised Beach Towels

Personalised beach towels are an excellent way for your brand to be present during summer relaxation moments. Opt for organic cotton towels that are soft to the touch and environmentally friendly to enhance your company’s image.

Personalisation Idea: Print your logo or custom messages on the towels to increase brand visibility while your customers enjoy a day at the beach or pool. Make sure to choose colours that reflect the freshness of summer.

5. Personalised Flip-Flops

Personalised flip-flops are a perfect choice for promoting your brand during hot days. Opt for flip-flops made from recycled materials and ensure they are comfortable for walking over extended periods.

Personalisation Idea: Include cheerful and fun designs on the flip-flops, such as tropical patterns or inspirational quotes related to summer.

Personalised products for summer

Personalised products for summer to promote your brand are the key to a successful summer campaign. From t-shirts and caps to water bottles, flip-flops, and beach towels, each item provides an opportunity to showcase your brand positively and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Furthermore, by opting for sustainable materials, vibrant colours, and creative designs, you won’t just be promoting your brand; you’ll also be contributing to a more ecological and conscious world. So, this summer, shine under the sun and leave a lasting impression with products that are not only personalised but also sustainable. Your brand and the planet will thank you!