Personalised Flip Flops

Perfect for making a splash with your holiday clothing range, our personalised flip flops are retail-ready and customisable in multiple ways. Choose a sole and strap colour to create unique designs and add that personal touch with logos and artwork.  

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Our flip-flops range

Our flip-flops are made from top-grade synthetic rubber for a comfortable fit and reliable durability. The straps are moulded to fit the foot’s contours, reducing the risk of slipping out and chafing between the toes.

You can embellish your logo or artwork across the insole, with a selection of sizes available, including small (50mm x 50mm) and full insole coverage.

You can also personalise the strap with print to create standout text or have an embossed patch to add texture.

We offer multiple strap and insole colours to give you complete flexibility. Another advantage to our personalised flip flops is we offer multiple textures and tread patterns ideal for casual use, the poolside, and the beach.

Choosing the perfect flip-flops

Eye-catching colourways help flip-flops stand out in-store irrespective of artwork. Popular colourways include white insoles with orange straps, blue insoles with white straps, black insoles with gold straps, and black on black.

When selling flip-flops, the most crucial consideration for customers is comfort. Make sure your flip-flops have a rubber sole for walking on rough surfaces. You can also specify cushioned edges, which improve comfort while walking.  

Your choice of insole texture and outer tread pattern will also affect the functionality of the flip-flops. Look for anti-slip tread patterns for pool and beachwear.

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