Discover the differences between conventional cotton and organic cotton for your custom clothing

Mariona GP

Mariona GP

It is common for us to be asked about the differences between conventional cotton and organic cotton for our personalised clothing ranges.

What is the difference in their manufacturing processes? And for our skin?

Which cotton lasts longer?

Will I help the environment by choosing organic cotton?

The type of materials you choose for your custom clothing are closely related to environmental care, which is why it is very important to be informed about the different materials you can choose and the benefits you will get from them.

In this article, we will explain the main differences between conventional cotton and organic cotton in your personalised clothing.

What is the difference between conventional and organic cotton?

As much as they sound similar, they are completely different materials in all aspects of their cultivation, manufacturing, and how they affect your skin or the durability of your personalised clothing.

Let’s see the main differences in each phase:

Differences on the farm

Organic cotton in the field

The first difference we observe is between the seeds.

While the seeds of organic cotton are natural, those of conventional cotton have been genetically modified, so the resulting cotton will be transgenic.

Throughout the growth process, the seeds of conventional cotton will be subjected to the use of pesticides and herbicides, which will involve more aggressive methods with the land and a great waste of water due to the intense irrigation required. We must not forget the use of energy and CO2 emissions that this produces, as well as the consequences of chemical use on the health of workers.

In comparison, organic cotton is a much more natural, ecological, and responsible option, from responsible management of irrigation to the use of natural fertilisers (such as humus) and pest control (using insects), crop rotation, and a natural defoliation process. In addition, by not using harmful or toxic products throughout its production, the health of workers is not affected.

Differences in manufacturing

Discover the differences between conventional cotton and organic cotton for your custom clothing - factory

The manufacturing of organic cotton is also very different from that of conventional cotton. In the case of conventional cotton, chemicals are used to bleach, dye, and fix the colours of the garments. These chemicals can be harmful to our skin and the environment, as they can leave toxic residues in the garments and in the water used in the manufacturing process.

On the other hand, organic cotton is manufactured using more natural and sustainable methods. Natural dyes and biodegradable products that do not contain toxic substances are used. This makes organic cotton garments softer and more respectful of our skin, especially for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Differences on your skin and garment durability

Discover the differences between conventional cotton and organic cotton for your custom clothing - organic cotton infogrskinaphic

The choice between conventional and organic cotton can also affect our skin and the durability of the garment.

Due to the chemicals used in conventional cotton, some people may experience irritation, itching, or allergies when wearing garments made from this material. In contrast, organic cotton does not contain toxic substances and is less likely to cause adverse reactions on the skin.

As for the durability of the garment, organic cotton tends to be more resistant than conventional cotton. This is because organic cotton has not been subjected to aggressive chemical processes that weaken the fibres. Therefore, organic cotton garments usually retain their shape and quality for a longer time, making them a more durable and sustainable option in the long run.

Choosing sustainable materials for your personalised clothing will make a difference

There are many differences between conventional cotton and organic cotton. From how they are harvested in the field to their manufacturing and their impact on our skin and the durability of the finished printed garment, organic cotton stands out as a more natural, ecological, and responsible option.

By choosing custom clothing made from organic cotton, we will not only take care of our skin and health, but also contribute to the preservation of the environment and support sustainable agricultural practices.

For these reasons, at Garment Printing, we are fully committed to promoting the use of sustainable materials to take care of the environment and our customers.

In addition to our range of organic cotton products and sustainable clothing options, we also offer Sustainable Printing Techniques to maintain our sustainable goals. If you wish to discuss our sustainable options please get in touch today so one of our expert account managers can help you make the right decisions for your personalised clothing.

Make a conscious choice and choose organic cotton for your custom clothing from Garment Printing!

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