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Best Workwear: Customise your clothes the way you want to

The age-old question around workwear is “what’s appropriate?” Not only do you want your team to show up for a day’s work looking good, you want them to feel good and most of all, you want them to be comfortable. In this article, you’ll find our best workwear garments in every category, as well as which brands are most affordable and well, the best.

Boy and girl wearing custom workwears

What is the best workwear brand?

When it comes to clothing, the “best” is subjective. Fit, style, comfort, and aesthetics are often seen as more important than quality. Our favourite workwear clothing brands are: 

Best Workwear For Women

The clothing you wear to work depends on the field you work in, especially when you’re a woman in the workplace. For example, a woman who works as a secretary would dress differently from a school gym coach or a construction worker. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to choosing a uniform for your female staff, here’s a list of ten garments that women would feel comfortable in to get you thinking: 

Best Workwear For Men

Traditionally, men have had a more limited wardrobe, so what’s suitable for weekends and casual events tends to be suitable for work as well – depending on the expectations of the job, of course. 

A typical office job would require a man to wear a button-down or dress shirt with a tie and trousers. Other employers may find the polo shirt and trousers or jeans combination to be just fine. For some, a zip-through hoodie or branded jacket is appropriate, and for others, blazers are expected. 

Best Workwear T-shirts

T-shirts are typically worn for more casual jobs or those that involve physical activity of sorts. The best t-shirt for branding for a casual job such as retail or promotional work is the Gildan Softstyle Adult Ringspun T-shirt (GD001). This crew neck t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and is available in 55 different colours. The best t-shirt for more labour intensive jobs is the Gildan Hammer Adult T-shirt (GD003).

Best Workwear Trousers

Although we don’t currently stock trousers or pants of any kind really, we do have enough experience in the clothing business to know what makes for a great pair of work pants. We recommend the Pro Cargo Holster Trousers from Regatta Professional. These wonderful work pants are available online at Ralawise. 

Best Workwear Socks

For some people, socks are just socks. But we know that that’s not the case for everyone. We recommend our house brand of Premium Classic Crew socks for everyday workwear. They’re comfortable, they look good, and they’re great for business branding. 

Best Workwear Polo Shirts

Polo shirts make for great workwear because they look great on all body types and are perfect for branding. Our favourite polo shirt is the Asquith & Fox Polo (AQ010). Its breathable fabric is lightweight and durable, and this versatile polo shirt is the best because it’s available in 44 different colours. 

Best Workwear Hoodie

Working in cold wintery weather is never great, but the experience is certainly improved by a good comfortable hoodie. The best hoodie for personalised workwear is the AWDis Just Hoods College Hoodie (JH001). This hoodie features a kangaroo pouch pocket at the front, a double fabric hood, and is lightweight. It’s available in 74 unique colours, this hoodie will fit in with any brand colours and staff uniform.

Best Workwear Jackets

Jackets make for a more professional look than a hoodie typically would. Therefore, finding a jacket that you like and can incorporate into a staff uniform might be more of a worthwhile task. Our favourite jacket for business branding is the Honestly Made Recycled 3-in-1 Jacket by Regatta (RG353). It’s a practical and premium looking option that’s perfect for professional workplaces. 

Best Hi-Vis Workwear

High-visibility clothing is the standard workwear for any environment that is high-risk or involves physical labour such as construction. Hi-vis uniforms are typically made of pants and a jacket or vest that features a number of reflective strips. When light hits these clothing items they essentially glow. 

The best hi-vis jacket or coat is the Yoko Hi-Vis Soft Flex Breathable U-Dry Jacket (YK036). And the best vest is the Yoko Hi-Vis Softshell Gillet (YK050).

Best Waterproof Workwear

The best jacket for workwear that we mentioned earlier in this piece is waterproof. But in terms of waterproof workwear trousers, we recommend Regatta Pro Stormbreak Over Trousers (RG205).

Which Workwear Brands Are Affordable?

Good quality lightweight men’s hoodies are hard to find, but of what’s out there this hoodie by Fruit of the Loom has to be our favourite. An 80/20 blend of cotton and polyester, we recommend branding this one for your team especially if you’re a group focused on physical activity. It comes ready to personalise and is available in 17 different colours.

What Workwear is the Perfect Fit for you?

When choosing clothing to wear to work every day it’s important to consider the practicality of the items, as well as the expectations of your workplace. Weighing up the pros and cons in terms of style and comfort is essential as you wouldn’t want to commit to wearing a piece of clothing for extended periods of time if you’re uncomfortable. 


There you have it, every garment you could choose from that is deemed appropriate for wearing to work. Get in touch if you’re in need of a personalised workwear or staff uniform update and we’ll get right back to you with a quote.