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Reusable Face Masks Garment PrintingReusable Face Masks Garment Printing

Reusable Personalised Face Masks

We are specialists in Personalised Face Masks

At Garment Printing we keep up-to-date with what society needs and that is why we offer a selection of full print face masks, or embroidered or printed personalised face masks:

  • PLEASE NOTE Minimum Order Quantity of 100 units per design

All of them with a comfortable fit.

With our reusable personalised face masks you will be protecting your family, friends, staff, team and community, and also helping the environment in the most sustainable way. We encourage you to check out our hygiene rage catalogue.

Personalised Face Masks

Sustainable custom face masks

At Garment Printing we encourage the use of reusable products that take care of the environment and are 100% bespoke to your brand or company.

This combination of polyester and water-proof fabric provides great security and protection to the risks we face every day when we need to go to work or leave the house. Our personalised face masks are also ideal for businesses such as restaurants, cafes or hotels, businesses that must take extreme precautions to prevent the expansion of COVID-19.

The fabrics used in these face masks have undergone a treatment that prevents moisture and leaks, preventing water from being absorbed, and protecting us from splashes or any other risk factor for our health.

Our personalised face masks can be printed on their entire surface, and we have a minimum order value of 25 units per design. Don’t miss out on your custom reusable face masks and order yours now!

These full print face masks are perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes, designers, entrepreneurs, hotels, bars and restaurants etc who want to protect their employees and customers and give them a unique design that improves brand visibility.

Face Masks Personalise

Prices of our personalised face masks

Below we show you the prices to purchase our personalised face masks. For any questions do not hesitate to contact Garment Printing using the slide-in sidebar.

Personalised Printed Facemasks for ADULT or CHILD from* 
Minimum 100 units

100 units – £3.34 + VAT
500 units – £2.67 + VAT
1000 units – £2.24 + VAT
2500 units – £1.56 + VAT
5000 units – £1.40 + VAT
10000 units – £1.36 + VAT
20000 units – £1.34 + VAT


Re-usable fashion face mask cover

Given the current situation, wearing a face mask is highly recommended, of not a legal requirement. Protect your people, family and community with these Re-usable fashion face mask covers. Available in all sizes and a wide range of colours.


Re-usable fashion face mask cover full colour

These Re-usable fashion face masks perfect to adapt your business and branding to these turbulent times. They are available in all sizes and a wide range of colours. Get a quick quote now!


Re-usable face mask polyester Made in Europe

These face masks have a soft double layer and are both re-usable and made in Europe. The high density breathable polyester makes it suitable for sublimation print and they can be washed by machine on 60 degrees and can be re-used numerous times.



Your health and safety is paramount, as well as that of those around you. This face shield mask will keep your face protected from potential hazards like fluids, sprays, dust and dirt.