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Eco Friendly Printed T-shirts and Sustainable Printed Clothing


Did you know we offer printed tshirts and custom clothing made from Bamboo? Or from Tencel which comes from the Eucalyptus tree? These sustainable products combined with our Sustainable printing techniques can help you achieve environmentally and eco-friendly results with customised printed clothing.

We offer a wide range of organic sustainable printed clothing, designed to be printed and personalised for all uses including fashion and workwear. These garments are made of sustainable materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, modal Lenzing Tencel, linen, wool and recycled polyester . Also you can combine these types of garments with water based screen printing meaning your tshirt printing is 100% environmentally friendly.

Our preferred clothing brands for this type of eco friendly printing are B&C, Stanley & Stella and Continental Clothing, but we have over 10 different brands to help you make the right decision. These companies have realised the environmental impact the production of clothing emits and are very much aware of the huge carbon footprint produced by this big market. All of them have a full range of shirts and other ecological clothing suitable for our eco friendly printing techniques for your personalised clothing needs.

But we know that many people are working with a tight budget so we give you a variety of printing techniques for you to combine your ecological garments. With us you can have a infinite number of options and you can chose the one that suits you, your deadline and your budget. Get in touch today.

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Eco Friendly Printed T-shirts & Sustainable Printed Clothing
Eco-Friendly Tshirt Printing

Uses for Sustainable Custom t-shirts and eco clothing

Sustainable t-shirts and clothing are perfect for charities, social enterprises, cooperatives, political parties or projects concerned with the environment, but they are also perfect for any brand that wants to help the environment. You can help to decrease your carbon footprint, and help us all contribute to a cleaner world. Contact us today for some advice.

Nowadays we are living in a world with many natural disasters and extreme weather changes. All these changes are undermining the lives of many people around the world and so we must begin to change our way of seeing the world and create environmental awareness! Garment Printings Eco Friendly Printed T-shirts & Sustainable Printed Clothing can provide you with the ability to make a difference, for you or your business.

These products may cost a little more, but they feel nicer, they are nicer, and your clients will love them more…Buy Sustainable Printed Clothing and make your message go further.