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Personalised Umbrellas

Don’t  let the rain stop you, rainy days are the best to promote your brand and make your logo visible all over the city. Personalised umbrellas are a great solution and they come in a range of different colours, giving you the possibility to choose the most suitable for your brand. Give some colour to those grey days.

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Custom umbrellas are great for outdoor events like golf or racing, it doesn’t have to rain to use umbrellas it also can be for covering from a sunny day.

This product can be printed with different techniques depending on the quantity you want we can offer Screen Printing, Cad Cut Vinyl or Sublimation (on white umbrellas)


Screen Printing: plastisol or water-based ink, great for logos and designs that have plain colours, we can match your Pantone with no problem. This print is perfect for this product and is very long lasting, great for larger volumes.

Cad Cut Vinyl: plastic material, can be 1 colour or full-colour design (CMYK), perfect for events that take place for a few days, this technique is not very long lasting but the price is good for lower quantities.

Dye Sublimation: we can offer this printing technique only for white products. Personalised umbrellas with sublimation will be the best option, the print goes into the material and it is super soft to the touch, of course, the custom umbrella must be 80% polyester. The quality of the print is photographic and full colour (CMYK), very resistant to the water and sun.

The personalised umbrella is very well known in the sports industry where the usage change depending on the sports, but the message is clear, promotional and brand exposure.

We have different kind of umbrellas including sports and walking umbrellas that have the crock handle or telescopic umbrellas. Also known as folding umbrellas.

All over printed umbrellas are something special, giving you the potential of being free and create something unique with the best impact, dye sublimation offers a full-colour print with photographic quality, there are some minimums to create this product from scratch, in order to get the prices you will need to contact our friendly team.

Now that you know the different printing technique we can offer, you can get your design ready and contact us for the quote. Let it rain!

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