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Personalised Socks Customised Socks

Personalised and Custom Socks

Our range of personalised socks are a great, creative way to help develop your brand’s physical presence. Make a truly standout product for your brand with Garment Printing.

We have a minimum 0rder quantity of 150 units on our range of personalised socks.


We can manufacture, print, embroider and weave onto personalised socks with your designs and logos. Whether you want Organic Cotton Socks, Low Cut or Knee High Printed Socks, Sports Socks, Socks for babies, Winter Thermal Socks.

Specialist Packaging options include adding your personalised socks into boxes, or even inside Tins…so if your brand in Baked Beans…you can send them in a tin. If you have any ideas, just let us know so we can make the idea a reality.


Personalised Printed or Embroidered Woven Socks – 

We have been manufacturing & printing personalised socks for over 20 years, so our expertise and quality of product is market leading. Our clients include fashion brands, global corporate brands, construction companies, courier companies, schools and universities and so on…whatever your ideas, get in touch today so we can help your idea become a reality.

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Our clients use personalised socks as giveaways to visitors at Trade shows, Christmas Gifts, Team Building Events, Staff Uniforms to keep them warm, Sports Events Socks, Resale Fashion Quality Socks…whatever the need, we can help.


Find out more about our socks manufacturing process was awarded the 2020 Promotional Gift Award and our recycling approach to packaging. Get A QUOTE today

Green choice

For all our eco-friendly consumers, did you know that we have organic socks? We aim to take on a sustainable approach and print with pride knowing that we are making more greener choices! With over 101 in stock colours available, closely matching Pantone colours, we print onto eco-friendly organic cotton!

Our socks are supported by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This organisation is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria.

Not only this, but our socks can be packaged into individual compostable self-seal bags.

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Types of Socks

As all socks are full, custom knitted or printed, there is a lot of flexibility, allowing us to change the technical characteristics of the socks as required. We offer a full range of all shapes, sizes and styles of socks.

Knitted Socks

We offer a variety of different styled knitted socks to personalise for you. It is important to ensure your logo is as simplified as possible. Small and highly complex logo designs are not suitable for knitting. 

Here is an example of how we would print Lidl brand.

Please note that copyright laws should be abided and we will not accept branding onto other business’s logos.

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Low Cut Socks

Commonly used as sportswear, low cut personalised socks are an excellent choice for your teamwear whilst playing sports. We can offer you the best low cut socks, providing a stylish and practical look!

You no longer will need to worry about experiencing the painful blisters some socks result with, we can ensure they will not slip off your feet. Our personalised low cut socks will guarantee durability, no matter what you are doing.

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Quarter Length Socks

Our personalised Quarters are engineered for maximum comfort. Commonly known as sneaker socks. Quarters are gaining popularity as they are suitable for all lifestyles, sports, activities… absolutely anything and everything!

Quarter length socks go well with work outfits for men and women. You can wear quarter length socks that match with the color of the pants to offer a professional look.

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Mid-Calf Socks

Offering more coverage and protection, customised mid-calf socks are practical for wearing shorts, casual dresses, and skirts.

Allowing you and your team to look coolish but casual, the calf length socks are the best option for attending a formal event, keeping to solid dark colours such as black and navy.

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Knee High Socks

Knee length personalised socks will offer a high-end fashion type of look for your business. They offer full protection in harsh weather and are perfect for outdoor activities – extremely practical!

In the 80’s and 90’s, knee length socks were a popular uniform accessory for girls, and they were even a part of the British Army uniform.

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Invisible Below The Show Socks

Also known as loafer liners. Falls below the ankle. Once worn with your shoes, it will not be apparent to anyone that you are wearing these socks. 

Ever seen Italian men wearing suits and no socks in their leather shoes? Well that is not the case they are tricking you into believing it is so.

I mean, come on, imagine those blisters and the pain involved!

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