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Embroidery is great for elevating your personalised clothing and branded accessories. If you’re looking for something premium-looking and long-lasting then embroidery might just be the perfect way to personalise your garments. We’re ready to assist you with all your personalised embroidery needs. Don’t be shy to ask if you need help or advice, we’ve been doing this for a good while. 

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Why Choose Embroidery?

There are many reasons to choose embroidery for personalising your garments, but our favourites are: 

  • Made to Last: Simply put, embroidery is made to last. Custom embroidery designs tend to retain their quality and will last many washes for several years. Embroidery is a great investment for branded clothing.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Embroidery has a sense of timelessness, and makes just about any design look classic and elegant. Another benefit of machine embroidery is that you’re pretty much unlimited when it comes to styles and colour choices. 
  • It Works with Everything: Cotton, linen, denim, fleece – honestly, it’s hard to find a fabric that embroidery doesn’t work with. And because embroidery is compatible with pretty much every fabric, it’s tough to find a garment that can’t be customised with embroidery.

How much does it cost to get garments embroidered?

The price of embroidery changes depending on the garment, the number of stitches in your design and the quantity of your order. The starting price for a small design of up to 5000 stitches is around £1.40. The price of a larger design of up to 15 000 stitches starts at £3.80. 

What is the average turnaround time for embroidered apparel?

Depending on the size of your order, you can expect a wait of a minimum of 5 working days for embroidered apparel. Orders of 250+ garments can take up to two weeks.

What qualifies as a bulk embroidery order?

Bulk orders look different depending on the supplier you’re working with. For us at Garment Printing, a bulk order for personalised embroidered garments is anything over 250 items.

Embroidery Techniques

Logo Embroidery

Puff Embroidery

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Trusted by Hundreds of Brands