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Promotional Merchandise

Using Promotional Merchandise is one of the best tactics you company can employ when trying to increase brand recognition, attract new customers and increase customer retention.

In the present Global Climate Environment we find ourselves in, did you know you can help your business Go Greener by adopting an Eco Friendly Sustainable approach to your promotional marketing activity, promotional products and business stationary.

And promotional products have a reaction rate of nearly three times greater than that of print, TV and online advertising according to research which was carried out by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

Our Parent Company, Print This Print That Ltd  offer an unrivalled selection of custom merchandise, printable with your branding.

Does your company have an Eco Friendly Sustainable Policy? Below you can view our Eco-Friendly Range of Merchandise Products to get inspired on the eco friendly promotional products that are right for your business, so you can let your brand speak louder.

View our Eco Friendly merchandise options and view our full range of merchandise Ideas.

Personalised Pens

We are leaders in the supply of printed personalised pens, whether you’re handing them out at a trade show or giving them away as thank you gifts for your loyal customers. We have a vast range of stylish pens in numerous colours that can perfectly suit your brand image, including eco friendly and recycled options.

Pens are an excellent giveaway, earning you free advertising afterwards. For this occasion, we also have some cheap personalised pens that you can order in bulk for the forthcoming events.

We support sustainable businesses by providing a range of eco-friendly products, such as Recycled Ballpoint Pen. Not only will it make the right impression about your brand, but it could also secure you a number of new clients. This pen is also available in different colours.

Personalised Caps & Headwear

A personalised cap can help you get your brand logo right in front of your customers’ eyes. Also, what can be better than a headwear giveaway on a hot sunny day? You can increase your brand and business exposure using merchandising materials and printed caps and printed headwear strategically during different seasons.

We have designs and styles that will fit any head. Our choice of colours can perfectly match your brand requirements. We know the best ways to customise hats and caps and, for this reason, we offer custom embroidery, screen printing and high-quality transfer printing and we always ensure that all printing is done to the highest possible standards

Personalised USB Sticks

Personalised USB sticks work perfectly on any occasion. We have a range of different USB sticks that come in different sizes and styles to create truly personalised devices that your customers will love. Similar to all of our products, USB sticks are fully printable, and therefore you have no limitations in terms of the design that you want to print.

Personalised Sunglasses

Personalised sunglasses are a perfect choice for merchandising during sunny days. You can use them as a stylish addition to your staff’s uniform – this will definitely help your brand stand out. Furthermore, custom sunglasses are excellent as giveaways – imagine hundreds of people walking around the city in branded accessory. This is a great opportunity to increase brand visibility.

We have a vast choice of personalised sunglasses, available in numerous colours. You can be sure we have only high-quality accessories which you can print all over.

Personalised Flip-Flops

If you’re looking for branded slippers, sliders or even personalised flip flops – you are in the right place. With Garment Printing you can design your own footwear for the best available price and within the shortest time-frame.

Our personalised flip flop wholesale service is ideal for orders between 10 and 50000 pairs. Just contact us to find out more.

Our choice of footwear is made from high-quality rubber or recycled materials and can be printed onto quickly and offer fantastic print quality. Our preferred printing technique for these products is sublimation, which means that we can also print each flip-flop with a different design so you can create truly custom footwear.

Personalised Mugs

Every office needs to have that personalised mug always filled with coffee residing on the sleepiest colleague’s table. Branded mugs are undoubtedly one of the most powerful promotional material.

If you are in a rush, we also offer printed mugs next day delivery all over the UK. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for mug printing in London, Manchester or Edinburgh – with our express service you can have your order within hours

Personalised Swimming Hats

Custom made sportswear is a significant part of the overall sports experience – and personalised swimming hats are no different. It can work as a great way to increase your team awareness or to say “thank you” to your sponsor by printing the logo on the cap. With Garment Printing you can have any design on your team’s custom swim hat.

For personalised swimming hats, we recommend using Dye-sublimation as a printing technique. This way, the design gets permanently dyed into the fabric, it will not crack or peel off.

Printed Lanyards

Our Parent Company Print This Print That offers the most competitive prices if you’re looking for printed lanyards. Branded Lanyards ensure your clients, employees, ambassadors etc will be clearly identifiable at all times increasing your brand exposure, and also ensuring staff motivation and brand identification.

We have a vast range of printed lanyards available in Full Colour, Polyester, Eco-Friendly Options with various clips and card holders available, which are also fully customisable. Our sustainable printed lanyards are either recycled or made from Bamboo. Contact our team of experts for the best advice.

Garment Printing is promotional marketing experts who specialise in the creation of high-quality,custom clothing and promotional merchandise. Our parent company Print This Print That Ltd supply our non clothing products.

Our advanced printing techniques and state-of-the-art machinery allow us to provide the perfect promotional T-Shirts and clothing and high quality merchandise to help you promote your brand and business at events and every marketing opportunity available.

Whether you’re organising a event, training day, launch event, charity event, sports run, conference or if you’re attending a marketing event, we can provide you with all of the specialist printing needs that you require to effectively advertise your brand.

We work with global brands and advertising agencies on their branding campaigns, providing our expert knowledge in design and printing. Our aim is to provide the best possible printing solutions to give you the expert corporate gifts and promotional merchandise such as printed accessories and promotional clothing.