Discharge screen printing

Discharge screen printing is a great option if you want to produce a softer feel screen print.

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The discharge process is achieved by adding a bleaching agent into the ink which bleaches out the colour of the T-Shirt. This essentially eliminates the need for a white layer or a flash layer of ink.

The same process applies whereby screens need to be created for each different colour that is in the design which is to be printed and the drying process is also the same as standard screen printing.

Uses for discharge screen printing

Given that the bleaching process does not produce a perfect white base, discharge screen printing is a great option for fashion clients where Pantone colour matching is not a necessity.

This printing technique works best on 100% cotton products that do not have much red ink in them as the red can make it more challenging to get a “whiter” base for the print.

Please note

Printed garments are more sensitive and need extra attention when it coms to washing. Please refer our Wash & Care Guide

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Discharge screen printing -

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