Why should you give away branded promotional mugs?

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

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I think it’s safe to say that you definitely own at least one branded mug. I also think it’s safe to say that most people have a few of them at home and even at work. These mugs can range from the one you have in the cupboard with your nephew’s picture on it, the one you received at work with the company logo and name on it, right up to the souvenir mug that you got as a gift from your cousin’s trip to Belgium – long story short, mugs are everywhere.

Who has ever thrown away a mug (well, one that’s not broken)? You share them with your friends, with your family members and you even have conversations and discussions about the mugs origins. This is the exact reason why mugs are excellent when it comes to promoting brands and businesses; they’re storytellers and story generators at the same time.

Mugs are one of the strongest and most popular merchandise products around because of their lifespan and because of how welcomed they are, especially during this season! This is because hot beverages will be present in any meeting or gathering that you have, both personal and at work.

Also, plenty of people will confirm that they feel emotionally attached to a specific mug, and some of them would even feel that their favourite mug is irreplaceable. You’ve probably got your own favourite mug and you would be sad if it got broke – Am I right? Yes, most probably.

“Hey, don’t use MY mug!”

The simplest sense of ownership will lead you to that phrase when you see somebody else using your favourite mug. You’ll also definitely know a lot of mug owners who can become intensely possessive. This seems to be a normal but peculiar tendency as people do overvalue some possessions like – well, mugs.

There’s more on this topic, several studies have confirmed that people are more likely  to be obsessed with a mug than they would with a knife and fork. Mugs are also common giveaway items, souvenirs and gifts, so they have the power to evoke good memories and this leads to them providing the user with strong emotions, even if you don’t notice where these feelings actually come from.

People tend to bond with their mugs. Some because of the messages that are printed on them, some because of the rituals they do with them (like enjoying the morning coffee or your beloved cuppa), and others select them purely because of their availability.

When you take these considerations into account, it’s easy to see why you should consider getting branded mugs for your company. If you’re still not convinced, here are some situations in which mugs prove to be strong and excellent merchandise options:


If you’re going to host an event or a tradeshow in the future, promotional mugs will make your guests speak well about you after the event has finished. You can give them out to the early birds or include them in a bigger promotional pack for specific customers.

By including your corporate branding, such as your company name and logo, you’re providing the recipient with a constant reminder of, not only who gave them the mug, but also the company responsible for giving it to them. This means that, when they need to use your services or if they’re after a product that you sell, your name will be the first that springs to mind and your number will be the first that they dial.


Everyone knows that social media is a brilliant way of attracting traffic to your site. Getting views on social media is a great way of highlighting how well your campaigns are going and how the general public views your company. To help increase your social media following, mugs could be used as excellent giveaway items as they are loved by many people. If you take the time to personalise them with your followers Twitter handles (for example) you’ll also receive more love from your customers and this could lead to them sharing your company and leaving favourable reviews.

This kind of gift could turn into the winners favourite mug either at home or at work – and it will also be excellent for the presence of your online brand.


If you’re in the food industry, or if you own a coffee shop, then selling branded mugs could be a brilliant way of raising additional revenue for your company. Many companies who have sold their own range of mugs have gone on to create ‘IT’ products and, who knows, your mugs could be next.

If you released a range of different mugs which could be purchased inside your store, you could create a range of collectable mugs which your customers would love and it would increase your sales as your customers get a choice of multiple designs.


Mugs are great products when it comes to fundraising events. If your company is supporting a charity or trying to raise funds for a particular cause, you could then sell the mugs to help raise money for the cause.

Alternatively, the mugs could be used as giveaway items to help raise the amount of donations that you receive while also increasing the awareness and visibility of your campaign.

These mugs should be printed with the charity that you’re supporting and also your company logo as this will highlight the fact that you’re a company that cares and it also does its bit to help those less fortunate and make the world a better place.


You can print mugs for different seasons. You can even create more than one design and this could create a seasonal campaign in which your customers could collect your range of mugs. Just imagine if this were to become a tradition over the years.

By creating different mugs for the different seasons your encouraging year-round sales and it turns each season into a different campaign for your company and you could then tie in other campaigns to help increase awareness of your brand and sales of your products.

This is yet another example of how a simple mug can become a huge part of your brands identity.


When someone achieves an outstanding amount of sales, or if someone delivers excellent market research which leads to company growth, it’s important to say that you to that person and a printed mug could just be the best way to do it.

Likewise, it’s important to make sure that your customers feel valued and this will help to encourage them to return to your company and make repeat orders for your products and services.

If you want to take the time to thank the oldest and most loyal customers within your database then you could provide them with a printed mug and this could be the perfect way to thank them for their custom.


If you reach an important milestone in the history of your business and you’re organising a special event for it, you’re standing in front of the perfect opportunity to provide your guests with printed mugs to mark the occasion and help them to celebrate with you.

Also, it’s a perfect gift option if your company’s anniversary (or milestone celebration) happens to fall in the colder months of the year as it would perfectly match the hot beverage season.

In summary, if you’re going to thank your customers, celebrate your company’s anniversary, or if you want to create a Christmas tradition within the company, then branded mugs are an excellent, long-lasting option.

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