How to build brand awareness with printed merchandise

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

Successful marketing campaigns don’t rely on one single strategy and instead they get their success from a variety of different ones. Within the different strategies, print media still has a vital and huge role to play – especially when we’re talking about building awareness for your brand.

With Mobile World Congress not far away, it’s important that, if you’re planning on attending the event, you understand that building a brand isn’t the same as marketing your products or services. Many companies survive and thrive by selling the products of other companies, instead it’s time to start thinking about selling your brand and your company at the event to make sure that you attract new customers and your existing customer base continues to return to you.

For many brands, it’s important to promote an image that you want to project, a sense of how you want people to see your company and this extends from your customers to the wider public.

There are luxury brands, family orientated brands, environmentally friendly brands and many others; but all of these can become significant unique selling points for your company and this can all be projected to the general public with the use of printed merchandise.


There have been many studies, including that of Scientific American, where they have suggested that printed marketing media leaves a much deeper footprint than those that we see on our screens. By this, it’s meant that the physical handling of printed material may help you promote a deeper emotional engagement with your message and this helps customers and potential customers to remember their emotional bond with this brand.

Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) has also gone on to report that traditional printed advertising material delivers the highest Return of Investment out of any medium with around £3.94 being returned for every £1 spent.


Merchandise comes in all shapes and sizes but all of it can be used to help with the building of your brand and measuring the progress.

The type of business that you have often determines the type of merchandise that you want to give to your customers and potential clients. One of the best ways of advertising companies, and it’s grown in popularity in recent times, is the use of custom printed clothing to help generate brand recognition and also to help develop an emotional attachment between your customers and your company.

Whether the clothing is simple printed T Shirts which is worn by your staff at the event, which helps to develop and emotional relationship between the staff member and the customer when they interact, or if you’re giving away items of clothing to those who visit your stall, it’s amazing when your customers will develop a bond with without you realising that it’s taken place.

Printed T Shirts are often the standard go-to choice as they’re cost effective, worn by everyone and they’re perfect as giveaway items while you’re attending the event. T Shirts are often kept by people, even if they’re rarely worn, it’s very rare that we’ll throw away a good T-Shirt. This means that they have longevity and will remain with the customer for a long period of time and also evoke memories of how they received this particular item of clothing.

However, it doesn’t end at T Shirts and there are more clothing types which could be perfect for giveaway items such as vests, hoodies, polo shirts, shirts, jumpers and much, much more.


Whatever method you choose, there are some key principles which must be applied to your strategy in order to make it long-lasting and successful to your brand. First and foremost, it’s important to maintain consistency across all of your printed merchandise. Every piece of merchandise must be consistent in the use of logo, colour, fonts, typography, images and, possibly the most important, the message that you’re trying to get across.

A visually striking and memorable logo is particularly important and worth spending more time ensuring that it’s right. Using the expertise of design professionals can help massively and not just with the logo, but also to create every element of a successful branding campaign.


It’s always important to remember that people differ enormously in the types of merchandise that they like to receive, so to ensure that you’re reaching as many people as possible, it’s a good idea to use a wide variety of printed merchandise.

To ensure successful campaigns, it’s important to remember that no detail is too small. Consistency of the design, logo and message must also extend to items outside of merchandise, such as the packaging, packaging slips and also invoices. This helps to generate consistency across your brand and this helps to increase brand awareness.

Ensure that your production standards reflect your brand. If you are trying to develop a luxury brand then you need to make sure that the products that you are giving away reflect this. It doesn’t end with the products either, every leaflet, image and every piece of packaging needs to reflect this.

It’s also important to pay close attention to the quality of the images which are used across your campaign, All images should be print friendly and for the best quality, we recommend using a resolution DPI of 300 or more.

While the message that you’re presenting is largely a matter for the owner of the company, it doesn’t hurt to get professional advice as this can help enormously with the various technical and production issues which are involved.

Garment Printing has many years experience and we offer a wide range of services which are designed to offer the best possible return on your investment for all of your printed merchandise and clothing.

Contact us today to get expert help and advice with your campaigns and learn how to make sure that you stand out at every event that you attend.

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