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Custom Insulated jackets

As the calendar pages fly by and summer slowly gives way into autumn and winter, the mercury in our thermometers also begins to drop. The UK is famous for many things, but a generous winter climate is not one of them, and thanks to the onward march of climate change, sub-zero temperatures and extreme weather events are only likely to increase as time progresses.

With that in mind, a good-quality insulated jacket is an essential possession for any right-minded Briton. Staying warm during the colder months is not just a matter of comfort, it can even be the difference between a hale and healthy constitution and one prone to various colds, flus and other annoying illnesses which seem to be all too common at this time of the year. But with everyone in need of the same product, there is a tendency for us all to lose our sense of individuality, our identities obscured under layer upon layer of warm winter clothing.

Insulated Jackets For your Company

That’s where a custom insulated jacket can come into its own. At Garment Printing, we have the tools and the knowhow to produce body-warming, eye-catching and long-lasting winter garments that look good, feel great and protect you from the harsher elements that Mother Nature has to offer. Whether you require a batch of branded coats to distribute among your workforce and entice new clients with, a collection of customised jackets to maintain your sports team or social club’s sense of kinship or a one-off present for that special someone (or just yourself!), we can recreate any design you like on a warm and comfortable insulated jacket of your choosing.

Our extensive range of promotional insulated jackets are particularly popular among the business community. A branded insulated jacket can be the perfect addition to your workplace uniform for those toiling in colder climes, while they also serve equally well as promotional items. Corporate giveaways are an excellent method of enhancing your brand’s reputation in the eyes of those on the receiving end of your generosity, and a high-value item like an insulated jacket is sure to be appreciated warmly (forgive the pun!), especially as the days draw shorter and the mercury drops lower. Using custom insulated jackets as giveaways works equally well among your own staff as it does with prospective clients, since it can help to generate significant goodwill throughout the workforce, boosting morale, enhancing productivity and encouraging company loyalty. What’s more, with your company name and logo emblazoned on their backs, the wearers of your promotional items will effectively serve as walking billboards for the company, creating a buzz around its existence and boosting word-of-mouth outreach without even saying a thing.

Meanwhile, printed insulated jackets are another must-have item for social groups and sports teams, especially those who spent a lot of time in the outdoors. Whether the captain of a football club or the leader of the hiking society, the members of your organisation are sure to feel a greater connection to the whole and a stronger sense of pride when wearing winter garments specifically designed for them. Alternatively, our custom insulated jackets make great presents when Christmas rolls around, offering you the chance to give your friends, family and other loved ones a truly personal gift. You could even treat yourself to one designed by your own fair hands!

With a wide range of styles, sizes and colours on offer among our extensive range, you’ll be sure to find something in our catalogue that suits your particular needs. We can even send you cloth samples prior to committing to one particular style, to give you the best idea of how your jackets will look, feel and fit once they are ready. As one of the most experienced custom clothing companies in the UK, we have a wide variety of printing techniques at our disposal, meaning there’s no pattern, picture or piece of artwork that’s beyond our ability. Simply send us your design, choose the jacket that’s right for you and we’ll do the rest! What’s more, our talented team of inhouse design experts are always on hand to offer any inspiration and advice you might need to ensure you wind up with a finished product that won’t disappoint.

To find out more about our exciting range of customisable insulated jackets, or to obtain a quote when buying a bulk order, simply drop us a line on 0207 101 9315 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 15 minutes during business hours. Don’t put your plans on ice just because of a little cold weather – get in touch with us and order your own custom insulated jacket today!