Embroidered Jackets

One of the customised and most essential garments out there are jackets. They existed for centuries but became the most fashionable and standout product in the 80’s, when a wider variety of models and colours became available and met affordable prices for the large public.

After that decade, jackets took the main scene in the fashion industry, having all styles and printing techniques available. Embroidered, printed, stamped, stitched, ragged, every possible way you can imagine.

Here at Garment Printing, we have a wide selection of jackets, coming from both American and European wholesalers, and then we customise them for you. Embroidered jackets are the best option for you, being the most durable and lasting much longer than printed ones.

Bomber jackets and softshell jackets as they have polyester fabrics are the best choices for vinyl cut prints, as they adhere better than in mixed or cotton ones. For embroidery, the best choices are college long-sleeved jackets, as they come in 50/50 fabric as hoodies or sweatshirts, better supporting the stitches than 100% polyester.

Embroidery always looked good on jackets: as patches in grunge/vintage leather ones or in a large embroidery on the back of a college jacket, or with your name on the left breast. We can make any design you have in mind, the best way to understand your idea is to send us an email with a digital mockup and the quantity you need so we can quote it correctly.

We always offer the best quality when it comes to embroidery, as our Graphic Design department picks every thread colour based on our up-to-date colour chart, and then we pass it on to our Production department. The Production department then makes the first stitched proof for you to review before getting your garments customised.

We take this process very seriously as we have special care in every detail your design has. We want you to feel really happy when you receive your customised products because this is the best feedback and advertisement we’ll ever get. Wearing your embroidered jacket, or maybe your final client, proudly on the streets is the only result we achieve for, nothing less than this.

If you don’t find the jacket you need in our catalogue, you can always ask us for a quick quote and our Sales Team will send you an answer via email in less than 30 minutes (only in office hours). We’ll be happy to answer any other doubts or inquiries via our Chat option on the bottom of our web page.

Want to know more?

We offer lots of personalised types of jackets including bomber jackets, waterproof and also fleeces. Call our team today on 0207 101 9315 for more information, we’re always happy to help and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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