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Personalised Water Bottles

Fitness and hydration are the secret ingredients to live a healthy and happy life. Whether you’re an avid runner, a yoga enthusiast, a football pro, a gym addict, a weight lifter or simply love a walk in the park, having water on hand is always important.

Staying hydrated is so important for your body’s functions, and keeping water handy means you’ll stay hydrated, healthy and alert.

We know now the damaging effect that single-use plastic bottle can have on the environment, so it’s very important and good for the planet, to have your own reusable bottle that you can take everywhere with you! This not only saves the planet by using less single use plastic, but it means you’ll always have water on hand when you need it. 

Personalised water bottles can be given as lovely and thoughtful gifts to friends or family members, but they can also be used for promotional marketing activities for brands and businesses too. Keep reading to find out how.

Personalised water bottles at Garment Printing

Personalised water bottles are extremely versatile products and perfectly complement any marketing activity and make great gifts. Why? Because they’re customisable, which makes them an ideal item that anyone would love to own.  

All our Garment Printing products share these features: Leak Proof valve Ergonomic design for easy grab Available in different colours Wide range of materials and components to fit your needs. Our water bottles are also lightweight too, making them perfect for many kinds of sports activities. 

With our wide selection of products from top brands such as Nike, we’ll be able to offer the best product quality at the most affordable costs. At Garment Printing we’re proud of the printing and customer services that we offer and we’re confident that you’ll love them too.

Why choose personalised water bottles for promotional marketing?

We all know that the more useful an item is in everyday life, the better it does for promotional marketing. Water bottles are hugely useful, and are a very in-demand item for people from all walks of life. No matter who your customer is, they will love using their personalised water bottle. 

We’ve seen personalised water bottles work brilliantly for many different kinds of brands and businesses, such as; gyms, fitness clothing brands, gym equipment brands, travel companies, tourism companies, food brands, drink brands, makeup brands, etc. The possibilities are endless – and the personalised water bottle is a product that can be tailored and suited to fit so many different brand strategies. 

We’ve seen companies give their personalised bottles away to customers at launch events, conferences, expos, even staff parties or team building days. Why do they work so great? Because they’re useful and they’re always going to get used. The exposure your brand will get from being on the side of a personalised water bottle is fantastic.

Buying personalised water bottles as a gift

If you’re stuck for something to buy someone as a gift, a personalised water bottle is a thoughtful and useful present that anyone would love to receive. Your friend or family member will feel so special and stand-out when they turn up to the gym with their personalised water bottle! They will love it! 

Personalised items are always great gifts, because they’re so thoughtful and unique, and a water bottle is something most people wouldn’t splash out on for themselves. That makes it a wonderful and unexpected gift that they’ll treasure and get lots of use out of. 

You can even choose the ideal water bottle for them, as different sports and activities might be better suited to specific shapes or sizes of bottles. Showing you’ve put that extra bit of thought into the gift will ensure they absolutely love it.

Delivery and printing experts

We are printing experts here at garment printing, and we choose the best quality products and use the best quality techniques when printing personalised products. You can rest assured knowing that your water bottle is high quality and you friends or customers will love using it. 

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