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Promotional and Printed Keyrings

The relentless march of technology has brought with it sweeping changes that have affected almost every aspect of modern life over the last 20 years. Both work and leisure have been heavily influenced by the digital revolution, meaning more hours of our day are often now spent in cyberspace than in the real world, while even our belongings have undergone a transformation. Card has replaced cash and smartphones have usurped not-so-smart ones, but one thing has remained constant throughout the turmoil: the need to carry keys.

Regardless of living situation, work industry or leisure time habits, everyone must unlock doors and use keys multiple times a day. Given that we often carry several different keys for various purposes at the same time, the humble keyring is a logical solution to ensure they all stay together. Therefore, it only makes sense to leverage this incredibly useful and nigh-on essential item by branding it with your company name and logo and distributing it to prospects, leads and customers alike, earning yourself maximum brand exposure in the process.

Why use Promotional Keyrings?

Of course, using custom keyrings for promotional purposes is hardly a new idea. These handy little gizmos consistently rank among the most popular corporate giveaways and have done so for decades, meaning they’ve stood the test of time and proven their worth as an important marketing tool. Why are they so popular? Well, the number one rule of thumb when considering which items to distribute as freebies is practicality. A product that won’t be used is unlikely to see the light of day, instead ending up at the bottom of a drawer or worse still, a rubbish bin. This reduces your exposure to zero and negates the purpose of investing in corporate giveaways in the first place.

Fortunately, the keyring doesn’t suffer from this problem. As an item that is likely to be used every day, you can command its owner’s attention and remind them of your company’s existence each time they lock or unlock a door, cupboard, drawer or window. Particularly eye-catching designs can also serve to attract the attention of others around them, maximising your outreach. Of course, the only problem with manufacturing such a ubiquitous, single-purpose product is that the recipient is likely to have one already. You can overcome this problem by ensuring that your keyring is superior to their existing one, either through an appealing aesthetic or additional value. One way to achieve this is to include other functional items with the keyring, such as a miniature torch or bottle opener. In this manner, you can ensure your product is viewed as more valuable and reinforce the worth of your brand in the owner’s mind, all in one fell swoop.

Corporate Keyrings

Another hugely attractive aspect of keyrings is their lightweight nature. Small in size and easy to transport, keyrings can be distributed in any situation without any fuss whatsoever, whether that’s at a trade show, in a business meeting, on the street or even via post. This ability to reach existing clientele and potential customers quickly and efficiently and communicate your brand message to them in a manner that offers consistent visibility and an incredibly long shelf life is one that is rare among promotional items. Add in the fact that keyrings are comparatively affordable next to some other common promo choices and it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about.

At Garment Printing, we’re experts in creating functional, durable and above all attractive corporate keyrings which will do wonders to enhance your company’s outreach and aid its advertising efforts. Fully customisable in terms of the materials used, the shape and the colour, we can tailor our designs to match the ethos of your organisation, ensuring you achieve brand consistency across all of your marketing channels and optimising the effect that your investment will have on your business performance. We’ll work closely with you to determine the exact end product you desire, then put our years of industry experience into exceeding those expectations.

We’re also fully committed to keeping the customer satisfied at every stage of the process, not just design and manufacture. That’s why we offer an exemplary distribution service, which can deliver any number of keyrings to any location you choose, whether that’s your home, office or a trade event at which your company will be appearing. This latter option can be particularly effective if you need to transport a large amount of goods at short notice, saving you time, money and effort.

Don’t delay any further! Browse our range of online corporate keyring options now and take the first step in unlocking the key to taking your business to the next level. We’re waiting to hear from you.