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Custom Caps

With custom caps, you can get your logo right in front of your customers’ eyes. This headwear is versatile enough to be worn throughout the year and therefore means more exposure for your brand logo.

It also can be a perfect and inexpensive giveaway during open-air events, you can use wool caps during winter or autumn occasions and something quirky and original during summer, such as boater or pillbox cap.

A simple personalised baseball cap can also be a great solution, especially with an eye catching design. Or a cool, modern custom snapback might be the perfect way to connect with a younger audience. 

Did you know that there over 20 types of caps you can choose from? You can definitely find the one that fits your company product or service the most. Our clients loved this option and used it at its full capacity.

You can learn more on how Mayor’s Fund for London used Printed Caps at their event and how this headwear made Partnership stand out at their corporate event.

Also, personalised caps were used for Chiuvos Barcelona. Feel free to get inspired by our latest case studies and we’ll be happy to help you get your brand seen.

personalised caps
Personalised Cap - Garment Printing

Still wondering whether to use custom caps? We’ve got some main advantages listed below that will help to make your mind:

  • What can be more visible than a cap?! It will definitely catch your customers’ attention.
  • Very practical – can be worn with different clothing styles.
  • You can wear it throughout the year, just choose the matching style and material.
  • Wide range of materials and colours to choose from that will suit anyone. Furthermore, we’ve got a big choice of printing techniques.

Our caps are sourced from some of the biggest and best suppliers around the world. This ensures that all of our headwear is comfortable to wear and is also fully printable and can be printed on to the highest possible standards to ensure the highest possible quality. Our printing techniques are able to add your logo or design onto the hat in the way that want it. Our bespoke printing services means that your caps can be personalised using printing and embroidery to achieve the customisation that you’re looking for.

Our excellent discounts and price-break system means that whether you’re looking to get a personalised cap for yourself, your friends or your team, we have the solutions and affordable prices to make this happen. Personalised caps are great for your staff to wear at events and used as giveaway promotional items as, once worn, it gives an excellent advertising space, which is easily noticed and helps to increase your brand recognition.

It’s not just campaigns and events that can benefit from personalised caps. Charities are regularly looking for ways to increase awareness of their cause and raise funds. Personalised caps are brilliant for these as they are easily customisable, don’t take up much space and the front becomes excellent advertising space which is easily noticed.

If you’re hosting an event in the future, whether it’s a business event or a charity event, then get in touch with us now to discuss how personalised caps can help you.