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Gildan T shirts – the classic t shirt. A staple in every wardrobe and as reliable as ever. We’ve partnered with Gildan to bring you a wide range of personalised t shirts, all ready to be transformed with your personalised touch. Reach out today and let us bring your vision to life, making your favourite Gildan tees all the more special.

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Gildan T Shirts Size Chart

Gildan clothing’s sizes are typically on the generous side of the spectrum and tend to run a bit larger than other brands like Continental or AS Colour. Every Gildan garment is made “pre-shrink” meaning they’re made to not experience any shrinkage in the wash. View the size guide below to find your fit:

Our Best Gildan T Shirts

Gildan is a trusted apparel brand that produces a range of premium t shirts and personalised clothing. These t shirts fall into the following categories

Gildan heavy cotton or plain t shirts (1)

Gildan Heavy Cotton or Plain T Shirts

Also known as “sturdy” cotton shirts, heavy cotton t-shirts are more durable than those made from standard cotton. These t-shirts are still light enough to be worn in warmer climates.Gildan’s heavy blend cotton shirts come in a good selection of colours and standard sizing options.

Gildan ultra cotton t shirts

Gildan Ultra Cotton T Shirts

Gildan’s most popular style, the ultra cotton t-shirts are made from 100% cotton in an optimal jersey knit. Ultra cotton is surprisingly heavier than “heavy cotton” and also happens to be slightly softer.

Gildan t shirts softstyle

Gildan T Shirts Softstyle

Gildan Softstyle refers to t-shirts made from lighter ring spun cotton. These t-shirts come in a more modern cut that is form-fitting. Softstyle is a common material option for their women’s t-shirts.

Gildan t shirts long sleeve

Gildan T Shirts Long Sleeve

Essentially the same as their ultra cotton t-shirts, Gildan long sleeve t-shirt’s only real difference is their sleeve length. These t-shirts feature rib cuffs and a twin needle bottom hem, which make for nice finishing touches.

Gildan t shirt - gildan performance t shirts

Gildan Performance T Shirts

The only Gildan tees to be made from 100% polyester, their performance t-shirts are moisture-wicking and a great fit for any physical activity. In addition, these performance t-shirts are made from a jersey knit fabric and feature antimicrobial properties.

Gildan T Shirts FAQ's

Gildan makes garments for both men and women, and typically they’re not unisex. Their Softstyle selection is, however, made to be worn by all and comes in a range of sizes that cater to all body types. 

As mentioned previously, Gildan’s clothing sizes tend to run larger than many of its competitor brands. View our Gildan garments size guide to help find your perfect fit.

Gildan t-shirts may be affordable, but they’ve made very few sacrifices to get them there. Sustainability is a value that’s at the forefront of the Gildan brand and they’ve worked to create vertical integration into the manufacturing processes — this means that they own their production line, and make their own clothes. This has had the largest impact on bringing down the prices of the garments.

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