CMYK Screen Printing

CMYK Screen Printing is a popular T shirt printing technique for achieving a full colour design on white garments. CMYK printing is done by layering four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) on top of each other to re-create art or a realistic image with only four screens. You can print CMYK with both plastisol and water-based inks.
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Uses Of CMYK Screen Printing:

CMYK screen printing is best done on white garments. It is a great option for large orders of white garments, where a full colour print is desired, min order for screen print CMYK is 100 units.  It’s an alternative to using DTG Printing (direct to garment printing) for large personalised clothing orders, as it can be more cost effective and a faster process, giving you more value

Pros Of This Technique:

  • Fast printing technique for printing in large volumes
  • High-durability
  • Professional finish
  • Can print on most types of fabric
  • Good hand feel as less colour is being printed
  • Cost effective
  • Faster setup than say a 9 colour screen print

Cons Of This Technique:

  • Initial set-up fee makes it unsuitable for small quantity orders
  • Shade Variation
  • CMYK Screen Printing is subject to print variance.
  • Only works well on white garments
  • Does not convert well form images originally made in RGB

Garment Printing will not be liable for colour variation between the proof and the printed product. We will try our best to match the colours of the proof and the printed product but please understand that colour variation differences are inherent inconsistencies of the printing process.

When printing the same design several times it may not appear as sharp on one garment as another. Additionally due to the printing process, colour variance is unavoidable from one print to another. Additionally, it may appear different on one garment to another garment due to colours and materials reacting different to the inks.

You accept the information above and accept an overall 25% of print colour variance. Any issues of this nature fall outside of our re-print and our re-fund policy.

Cmyk screen printing