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B&C are one of our modern and contemporary designers, supplying a modern tough to personalised and branded t-shirts and clothing. Their pieces are both contemporary and easy to wear, and aimed towards the environmentally and socially conscious consumer. For brands that want modern, trendy t-shirts that are effortlessly ‘cool’ and are made of high quality and beautiful fabrics – B&C are a fantastic choice. 

The B&C Inspire t-shirts are made of 100% organic combed ring-spun cotton, which gives their pieces longevity and high quality. Brands that choose to use B&C t-shirts as the basis for their branded clothing, are choosing high quality, and conscious designing.

Here are some of the things B&C prioritise:


The fibres used by B&C are grown without GMO, fertilisers, herbicides, synthetic pesticides. They’re 100% organic, giving your merchandise a unique selling point. The use of water is also controlled, which means there is minimal waste.


The organic cotton used by B&C in their t-shirts is certified OCS by Ecocert.


For B&C, softness and the touch of a garment is a huge priority and it’s why they’re so well known for the feel and fit. Luxurious softness is what B&C pride themselves on, thanks to the combination of combed and ring-spun cotton yarn. 


B&C are all about making the branding process easy and effortless. For example, their 12 B&C Inspire t-shirts have no brand label located in the collar. This means the collars can be simple updated with your own labels, and gives you the option for complete customisation.

2020 Summer Collection:


If you plan on printing onto your B&C t-shirts, they’ll receive the ink extremely well, ending in a premium printed product. B&C offer premium printability with highly clean, uniform and extra-smooth surface thanks to their combed ring-spun cotton yarns.


Which any clothing item, comfort has to be key. B&C ensure total comfort by designing the perfect drape supporting “on the move” lifestyle. Their items are well fitting, and move with you, not against you. 


The B&C t-shirts are in-line with high-end retail brands, giving you a luxurious touch and feel. This high retail quality is offered at an extremely competitive price point. 


B&C aren’t limited by one type of style of design – they also have long sleeve t-shirts available in their collection too – which offers up more choice and design features for many consumers and brands. Knowing that the basic t-shirt isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ scenario – they offer different styles, sizes and features. 


For brands that want something a little more quirky, or textured – there is the B&C Inspire Slub T for women and men. This different fabric is still soft and strong, but has a unique textured look that many brands might find appealing – especially if they’re looking to expand an original range, or simply present customers with something a little unique.

2020 Organic Sweatshirts Collection: