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Same Day printing for Nike

The Client

Nike, Inc. – Nike is a huge international fashion brand that engages in design and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel and even accessories, amongst other things. The Nike brand is amongst some of the most recognised brands in the world, their main competitors include sportswear giants such as Adidas and Puma, amongst others.


The Challenge

Nike got in touch with us as they needed same day T-shirt printing. However, their order was distinct in that it was print only. This means that the company or individual who places an order also provides the garments onto which they would like to print. Although we do offer this service, this can also become problematic.

Print only orders can have an impact on turnaround time, as we have to wait for the client themselves to send us the garments. In 99% of our orders, we provide the stock, so don’t worry about providing your own garments when placing an order with us.

Nike’s order was incredibly specific as they had the garments and the design, we needed to only assist them in printing the garments and provide same day delivery. We decided that screen printing was the most effective way to print this order.

For this design screen printing was clearly an obvious choice. With screen printing you are able to process a large quantity of prints in a short amount of time. Furthermore, with an all black print, screen printing is also a cheaper option as the setup cost increases the more colours the design has. This is due to the fact that a separate silk mesh screen is needed to be used for each colour.

The garments were received at 10am directly from Nike, and we sent them out for a same day delivery at 11.15am.


The client was very happy with the printed T-Shirts and same day delivery service we provided:

“Can’t fault the service. Efficient, professional and extremely pleased with the finished product. Our order was printed and delivered within hours”


Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!