Towel City

Towel City is renowned for supplying some of the most luxurious towels, robes, and hairbands to spas and hotels. They also make beautiful pyjamas and slippers perfect for custom luxury clothing labels.

Superior quality bath wear and pyjamas

Towel City pyjamas, robes and bath wear offer superior quality and printability while remaining affordable for promotional purposes.

Logos, designs, and trademarks can easily be used to showcase brands, from subdued hues with sublimation printing to embroidered logos.

All Towel City cotton products are Oeko-Tex certified, guaranteeing a soft and luxurious feel free from toxic chemicals.

Personalised Towel City garments

Our range of Towel City laundry bags, hairbands, slippers, pyjamas, and ponchos provides a perfect canvas for custom clothing labels.

Popular products include the Towel City short pyjamas set made from 100% cotton, the Towel City Waffle mule slippers, and the Towel City Poncho, made from 100% microfibre to dry the wearer quickly without weighing them down.

Spas, hotels, and beauty salons should check out our Towel City hairbands and open-toe slippers to give clients a touch of branded luxury.

We can personalise your Towel City items with embroidery or a print technique like Direct to Garment printing. You can add logos, text, or full-colour graphics.

Trusted by Hundreds of Brands


Embroidering a garment is a great and traditional way to personalize it. You can choose any design or logo you like and stitching thread into the fabric. Learn more about whether embroidery is right for your custom clothing and products.

Custom Printing

Whether you’re using DTG, CAD cut vinyl, or transfer printing, there are many ways to display your design on a range of materials and fabric choices. Learn more about our printing techniques and what works best for your design.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great technique that can is most competitively priced for printing in large volumes. Use water-based eco-friendly based inks or choose more unique metallic and glow in the dark options. Learn more about  the ins and outs of screen printing.

Our Personalised Clothing Certificates

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