Brook Taverner

Brook Taverner is the definitive label for corporate clothing and luxuriously crafted suits, jackets, trousers, and outerwear for the print industry.

Brook Taverner

Frank Brook and Walter Taverner travelled to Calcutta aboard a boat in 1912 and brought buttons to sell to tailors. Time passed, and they added linings and cloth to their catalogue, which really catapulted the business forward.

In 1967, with traditional tailor shops diminishing, Frank and Walter decided to add a cut, make, and trim service, and five years later, they included a sizeable ready-to-wear range in their offerings to become the brand we know today.

Located in Yorkshire, Brook Taverner is one of the UK’s most esteemed providers of classic menswear tailoring, with quality and price being their core principles.

Personalised Brook Taverner clothing

We proudly offer a wide range of Brook Taverner clothing, including smart jackets, dresses, blouses, short and long-sleeve shirts, and waistcoats.

Personalised Brook Taverner clothing is perfect for brands looking to smarten up employees and showcase their corporate identity.

Hotel managers, accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, cashiers, and sales assistants can wear Brook Taverner clothing with pride.

We offer multiple print techniques to personalise your garments. The most relevant for corporate attire is embroidery. Embroidery creates permanent designs that will never fade or degrade, making them ideal for businesses.

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Embroidering a garment is a great and traditional way to personalize it. You can choose any design or logo you like and stitching thread into the fabric. Learn more about whether embroidery is right for your custom clothing and products.

Custom Printing

Whether you’re using DTG, CAD cut vinyl, or transfer printing, there are many ways to display your design on a range of materials and fabric choices. Learn more about our printing techniques and what works best for your design.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great technique that can is most competitively priced for printing in large volumes. Use water-based eco-friendly based inks or choose more unique metallic and glow in the dark options. Learn more about  the ins and outs of screen printing.

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