Create high-quality branded outdoor apparel with 2786.

2786 is a trade fashion label that produces outdoor urban apparel for printers and embroiderers. Its collection includes fashion-forward jackets, gilets and bodywarmers crafted to deliver comfort in extreme environments.   

2786 clothing stands out with high-quality manufacturing and materials, including recycled nylon, recycled polyester, and water-resistant treatments. 

With styles ranging from classic padded and quilted jackets to rainproof and fleecy clothing, this collection caters to all ages and tastes.

Personalised 2786 clothing

We offer an unbeatable range of 2786 clothing for print and embroidery, letting you create branded outdoor apparel that fits and wears beautifully. 

Many 2786 jackets, gilets, and bodywarmers have embroidery access, letting us embroider logos and text without damaging the garment’s structure. 

All 2786 clothing is brandable with print, including screen printing and Direct to Garment printing, depending on the fabric. We recommend screen printing for large runs and DTG for short runs of full-colour prints.

2786’s jackets, gilets, and bodywarmers are perfect for custom fashion labels thanks to their stylish cuts and quality materials, and they are equally suited to custom workwear.

Try pairing 2786 outdoor apparel with custom t-shirts and hoodies to complete the look and create a stunning personalised clothing line.

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Embroidering a garment is a great and traditional way to personalize it. You can choose any design or logo you like and stitching thread into the fabric. Learn more about whether embroidery is right for your custom clothing and products.

Custom Printing

Whether you’re using DTG, CAD cut vinyl, or transfer printing, there are many ways to display your design on a range of materials and fabric choices. Learn more about our printing techniques and what works best for your design.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great technique that can is most competitively priced for printing in large volumes. Use water-based eco-friendly based inks or choose more unique metallic and glow in the dark options. Learn more about  the ins and outs of screen printing.

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