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Why travel mugs make the best promotional products

As promotional products go, printed mugs are one of the cornerstones of the industry. Given that Great Britain is a nation built upon steaming hot cups of tea (and, in recent years, coffee too), it’s unsurprising that a receptacle for drinking those beverages is a popular giveaway among consumers. With the advent of travel mugs, it’s now possible to take all of the those benefits on the road, meaning people can still get their caffeine fix even in today’s fast-paced modern world.

Travel Mugs are the Best Promotional Tools

If you’re considering a promotional giveaway as part of your next marketing campaign, branded travel mugs should be high up on your list of items. Still need convincing? Here’s a rundown of the some of the reasons why these handy accessories pack quite the punch when it comes to getting your brand name out there, boosting its profile and bringing more custom to your doorstep.

Touch travel mugs

1) Daily use

Practicality is the name of the game when it comes to promotional freebies, since merchandise which ends up at the bottom of a rubbish bin or tucked away in a drawer will never deliver any return on your investment. Recent studies show that Britons drink a staggering 165 million cups of tea and an almost equally impressive 95 million cups of coffee every single day, meaning there’s a high chance that your travel mug will receive usage on a daily basis. That kind of repetition is guaranteed to establish your company as a reliable entity in the mind of its owner.

2) Exposure

It’s not just the recipient of the travel mug who will fall prey to its advertising charms, either. Each time it’s taken out and used in public – whether that be at the office, gym, library, cinema or other location – everyone in the vicinity will see your company name and logo, subconsciously making them aware of your business presence. That ability to infiltrate markets that you’d never normally access and achieve exposure on a regional, national or even global scale is a highly-sought after commodity in the world of marketing.

3) Environmentalism

With sustainability the new watchword on everyone’s lips, reusable tea and coffee mugs are some of the hottest property in promotional real estate right now. By equipping your customers, partners, staff and targeted clients with the ability to forego a single-use cup, you’ll be demonstrating your environmental awareness and allowing them to reduce their own carbon footprint. This kind of boost to your company’s sustainable credentials is invaluable in a world that’s increasingly cognisant of the effect that humans have upon it.

4) Discounted drinks

Another upside of bringing your own mug? As well as saving the planet, taking your own hot drinks vessel can save you money, since most coffee shops and cafeterias offer discounts (generally around 25p) off the price of a beverage if you do so. While that might not sound like much, it could add up to no insignificant amount if taken advantage of on a regular basis. Consumers appreciate the ability to recoup outgoings and save money wherever the opportunity presents itself, so by giving them a freebie that continues to offer value going forwards, you’ll enhance their opinion of your firm.

5) Durability

All of the personalised travel mugs produced by Garment Printing are sourced from reliable manufacturers and created using robust materials. This means that they’re guaranteed to last the test of time, serving as a valuable marketing tools for many years to come. When you consider how fleetingly a TV or internet advert is viewed by its target audience and how quickly it is dismissed or forgotten, the longevity of a travel mug as a long-lasting promotional item comes into start contrast. What’s more, the quality of the product will reflect well on your business and its values, too.

Travel mugs

6) Aesthetics

Last but certainly not least, travel mugs have evolved since the days of the practical but unattractive Thermos. Nowadays, there are some eye-catching options available, with Garment Printing stocking several models that look superb and, with their ergonomic design, feel great too. And with a sizable surface area, there’s plenty of room for you to embellish them your own company name and logo, emblazoning your business credentials across their sides for all to see. Compared to other promotional items, travel mugs are a truly attractive option.

Talk to the experts

Are you keen to place an order for travel mugs for your next promotional venture? It’s now possible to conduct the entire transaction online, including the selection of the model and the design of its appearance to match your company’s colours and logo. However, if you’d prefer to talk to one of our team to ask any questions or ensure you get the details exactly right, we’re always on hand to help. Simply give us a call on 0207 101 9315 or fill out our online form and we’ll aim to get back to you within just 15 minutes during working hours. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today!