One of the biggest questions surrounding is: it is eco-friendly? While the standard technique might not be, there are options which make screen printing incredibly good for the environment. Find out moreWhen it comes to screen printing ink, there are two different types of inks that can be used: plastisol ink and water-based ink. Plastisol is the industry standard and the default ink used by commercial printers. It uses a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base, as opposed to water-based ink, which is exactly what its name suggests, a water-based ink with pigments suspended within it. The limitation associated with water-based inks is that you can not print onto dark coloured garments, but they are excellent for printing vibrant colours onto lighter coloured garments.Furthermore, the print result is affected by the colour of the garment. For example, using a purple coloured shirt may change the appearance of the ink colour. Water-based inks also do not work well on all materials and are better suited for shorter run orders. For printing soft prints onto dark coloured garments there is a screen printing technique that uses discharge water-based inks.

Once a staple amongst housewives in the 1950’s, the tote bag has been reinvented and now holds its own at the centre of modern fashion and comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. At Garment Printing, we have become aware of the ever-growing popularity of personalised tote bags. Therefore, when considering promotional merchandise for your event, no matter what the scale, printed promotional products are one thing to keep in mind. Printed canvas bags have become one of the main means of endorsement amongst event-planners, whether it be promoting your band at your first gig or creating charity merchandise for fundraisers, personalised tote bags are an extremely effective means of promotion and appeal to a wide target audience.  We currently have a brilliant printed tote bags offer: 500 bags for only £0.75 per bag. So give us a call for more information.Contact us today!


What better way to beat the competition than by representing your team with one of our printed promotional products: the printed tote bag. Sports events and other competitions can truly benefit from investing in printed tote bags for promotional events, not only for their aesthetic aspects but their functionality as well. We have a range of bags that we use and are made of 100% cotton and can hold up to 18 litres of content, they measure from 35 x 39 x 13.5cm to 38 x 42cm, making them the perfect holdall for all sporting equipment, food and drink for athletes, competitors and fans alike. Therefore, due to its increasing popularity and versatility we believe that there is no better way to represent and support your team than by investing in our printed promotional products in particular, tote bag printing.Click here for more information

Printed tote bags are an amazing and fashionable way of merchandising your events or campaigns. Moving forward through the 1980’s the traditional idea of the tote bag was altered and we began to see how companies started to utilise “strand tote bags” to promote their brand. Although the design has changed slightly throughout the years much like the strand tote bag’s predecessor, the L.L.Bean tote, its popularity continued and continues to grow. Designers created designs specifically to be printed onto tote bags, sometimes to make political statements about problems existing within their communities. These designs proved to be an effective way to spread a message and promote a political change in a  dynamic way.

At Garment Printing we utilise a variety of printing techniques to realise canvas bag printing. Do you already have a preconceived design? Send it to us, we’d be thrilled print it for you. However, if you do not have the means nor the programmes to develop a design that represents your company’s identity or event, that’s not a problem either; we have an incredible design service at our disposal. For more details, consult our Graphic Design Services page*. In addition to our printing services we also have an amazing offer to inform you about. Here at Garment Printing we understand that charities are donation based and cannot afford to be paying out huge sums of money to fund merchandise for their events. We therefore extend a 20% discount to all charities and charity events, which alongside our long standing deal of 500 custom tote bags at £0.75 per bag, all of your merchandising needs are catered for.

Band/Festival merchandise

It’s summertime, and what does that mean? Festivals. Summer has some of the best festivals to offer, ranging from large-scale international music festivals to smaller-scale festivals of the arts. What better time to endorse the brand identity of your festival than by investing in custom tote bags, an investment that has proven to be successful and to be popular among festival-goers. Amongst smaller festivals of the arts, organisers find it works well to choose a piece of artwork or photography to represent the festival in its entirety. Event-organisers utilise this opportunity to launch competitions ahead of the festival as a means to promote their festivals to current and future designers. The design would be printed onto promotional merchandise for the festival – a truly incredible and memorable way to promote your ideas and branding in a contemporary and fashionable way.

For upcoming musicians or bands who are looking to extend their fan base, we believe that there is no better way to sell your brand than through selling printed tote bags, among other printed promotional merchandise, at gigs and events you are taking part in – who doesn’t love merch? One thing that is clear is the amount of money generated through band and musician related merchandise sold at concerts and gigs. People love to support  upcoming bands and wear printed promotional items with pride, and personalised tote bags represent not only a means of representing your brand, but also a means of transporting all of the merch collected by concert-goers and fans.


As stated earlier, personalised tote bags are becoming ever-more popular and fashionable amongst young people and older people alike, they’re stepping away from their former associations with 1950’s housewives and a new wave of personalised canvas totes are sweeping the fashion scene. This represents a huge market for resale, and we have the means to facilitate that. Printed tote bags are highly versatile and come in a variety of shapes and styles. Fashion retailers are aware of this and have already begun to invest in them, so what are you waiting for?

Furthermore, our custom tote bags have a huge space which you can fill with your designs: 38 x 42cm in size with a print area of 36 x 33cm. In special cases this area can be expanded – consult one of our printing experts for more information on printing sizes. The bags also come in a variety of colours, and with help from our design services, we have everything you need to introduce personalised tote bags to your inventory.


Aside from the obvious reusability of the tote bag, there are other ecological factors that you need to consider when investing in personalised tote bags. At Garment Printing we offer 100% organic cotton T-Shirts and tote bags, which combined with water-based screen printing, can create a very attractive eco-friendly printed product. We are committed to delivering environmentally friendly products to our clients and improving our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This use of eco-friendly promotional products is something that within many companies is yet to be maximised, as now more than ever, consumers are asking for ethically produced products that benefit both the environment and those who produce them. Therefore, if, for example at events, new and potential clients are given free organic tote bags with your logo printed on them, they are more likely to remember your brand as an ethical one, and therefore promote your brand as such by wearing it on a daily basis.

If you want to find out more, get in touch with someone from our sales team by filling out the form below and they will be more than happy to clarify any doubts and get the printing process started for you.

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