The Best Youtuber Merchandise ranges

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

YouTube is an ever-growing platform, with new influencers and content creators popping up every month for us to tune into and enjoy. The platform is thriving, and it’s no wonder. With a ready-made audience just waiting to discover your content, it’s no wonder more and more people are giving the Youtube game a go. 

But for many YouTubers, their income isn’t purely from YouTube and endorsements alone. Lots of YouTubers make a lot of income from selling their own merchandise, such as hatst shirts, and tote bags. Their merchandise usually has their logo on, or some kind of catch-phrase, saying or words (it’s usually something they’re famous for saying or doing). 

Designing good merchandise is a skill in itself, and it’s key to know the kind of thing your audience wants to buy, and the kind of thing they want to wear too. Setting up a good YouTuber merchandise shop involves researching your audience, knowing your demographic, designing great styles, and then providing high quality items too. All of this together make it a big endeavour – so when we see it done right – it’s good to highlight the hard work gone into it. Essentially you’re turning your loyal fans in loyal customers… so you need to make sure everything is perfect and running smoothly! 

Here are some fantastic YouTubers who we think got the merchandising side of things just right… 

Jenna Marbles 

This YouTuber gets the most points for originality, as she had plush toys designed to replicate her actual dogs! It definitely makes a change from the normal t shirts and beanie hats. 

Zoe Sugg / Alfie Deyes / Joe Sugg 

These three British YouTubers set up a ‘pop-up’ merchandise store in London last year as a surprise to fans and viewers. It was an actual store (not online) where viewers could go and shop items in person, and potentially meet one of the three influencers. It worked well because it was unexpected and short-lived, meaning the novelty and surprise really worked in their favour. It also meant that a lot of the merchandise that was sold was limited edition – which is a big selling point for many fans. 

Miranda Sings 

This character-driven YouTuber sells merchandise almost as hilarious and outlandish as the charter herself. Miranda Sing’s merchandise is bright, bold, brash – exactly what you’d expect. Some of the key quotes and funny slogans can be found on t shirts, bags and phone cases – so there is plenty of variety to choose from. We love her merchandise store because it feels like a genuine reflection of the influencer and videos seen online, which is cleverly done. 

Future Self by Alfie Deyes 

This is a relatively new addition to the YouTuber merchandise, as it only recently started trading in 2019. Alfie Deyes has revamped his older merchandise, and created a new line called ‘Future Self’ which seems to reflect a more grown up version of the online personality. It’s good to see merchandise evolving with the YouTubers themselves, and it’ll be interesting to see if this new range of merchandise takes off in the coming months. The designs we’ve seen so far look unique and interesting, so it could be promising. 


This range of YouTuber merchandise is kind of a parody or satirical take on some of the more traditional fan-based merchandise out there from other YouTubers. That’s what makes this range so interesting and ironic. Especially with t shirts with the word ‘sheep’ written across the chest – this range is more of a commentary about online fandom, and a statement about the direction of online personas. 

James Charles – Sisters Apparel 

James Charles has shot to youtube fame in the last couple of years, and even if you can’t recall who he is, the chances are you’ve quoted his famous ‘Sisters!’ catchphrase without even knowing it. His Sisters Apparel range is a big success and really brings his viewing community together. The collection is pretty big too, with hoodies, phone cases, tracksuits, pullovers and underwear to choose from. There’s pretty much something for everyone, and the brand is well designed and very eye catching too. 

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