Stay safe with high-vis and neon clothing this Autumn/Winter

neon coat in winter
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High-visibility clothing isn’t merely practical – it’s also now part of popular culture. The BBC has described it as symbolising 2010s Britain “in the same way that miniskirts summed up the 1960s”. Meanwhile, The Guardian has recently observed high-vis finding its way into fashion.

But above all else, you’re probably interested in buying high-vis clothing because it helps to keep you or other people safe. Order your own such clothing from Garment Printing for a wealth of options.

How does high-vis clothing work?

High-visibility garments are typically made from fluorescent material with reflective shapes or tape added to them.

Even during the day, these clothes give off a glow due to the material’s interaction with the sun’s UV rays. When light conditions are poorer – such as during the autumn – the effect is even stronger. As for when it’s especially dark, it is alternative light sources – such as a car’s headlights – that help to create this glow.

At a time of year when the nights are drawing in sooner, high-vis and neon clothing could barely be more important. It’s a familiar sight on construction sites, at airports and on our roads, to give just some examples.

Order high-vis motorway vests, rain jackets, sweatshirts and even mesh lined fleeces from Garment Printing today to maximise your employees’ safety.

But there’s more…

It isn’t only businesses that might desire high-vis clothing. As aforementioned, the look of such clothing has also gained traction in the fashion world. It’s why you may consider services of ours like glow in the dark screen printing, which produces a bright and eye-catching print effect on T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and more.

Whatever clothing you require to stay safer this autumn, we will strive to print it for you. We have earned the trust of businesses and individuals due to our commitment to always giving them the highest-quality solution for their needs.

We can also provide free visual mock-ups before printing, if you wish to see how your clothing will look before ordering. Contact our team now to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

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