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A successful business is constantly on the look out for new ways to improve itself and expand its customer base. However, it’s not always easy to do this on a regular basis without the help of a huge support team or a huge budget. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do which are simple and inexpensive but are still highly effective and can achieve great results when it comes to marketing your brand or business. The use of printed bags for marketing purposes is a popular choice in many industries thanks to their effectiveness and versatility. Both larger and smaller organisations can receive huge benefits from the marketing opportunities that printed accessories can bring and, with a little bit of imagination, you can make this popular branding option your own.


Not sure how to make the most of printed bags and you need a little bit of inspiration?

There are so many different ways that you could use personalised bags to market your business and your products effectively. One of the most effective ways to create brand awareness is to create printed accessories that you then give away for free. Whether this is at trade events as purchase incentives, or as thank you gifts to promote customer loyalty, free bags are a great way to market your company.

Whilst freebies in any form are a good way to get people talking about your organisation, bags are particularly effective because they’re an incredibly useful product. People use bags every single day and, whether they’re used for food shopping or a lunch date, they are going to be carrying your brand around with them wherever they go.

In addition to this, the charge on carrier bags now means that more people are making the effort to bring their own bags from home and they are far more likely to choose a high-quality printed bag over a regular plastic carrier bag.

You really can print anything you want on your bags, you just need to make sure that your design is bold and eye-catching. Without a stand-out design, you aren’t going to reap the marketing benefits that printed bags can hold, so be sure to spend time creating a design that will get you noticed.


When you design you own custom printed bags for brand awareness or customer base expansion, you’re opening yourself up to a whole new way of marketing. Personalised bag printing gives you the freedom to promote your business’s personality in a unique and creative way. This type of marketing is effective for all industries, not just creative organisations, so don’t be afraid to give printed bags a go. You might just be surprised by how effective they actually are.

If you’d like help bringing your printed bags to life, Garment Printing can help you create a marketing product that is worth talking about. Simply get in touch today for a free quote and advice about how to create and print your design.

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