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How to layer your workwear this winter

Winter! It’s the season of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, steaming hot mugs of mulled wine and hearty comfort food galore – not to mention plenty of gift giving and receiving around a certain holiday towards the end of the year. But while the sub-zero temperatures outside can enhance the enjoyment of being all warm and cosy indoors, there’s often a conflict of interests when it comes to planning your everyday workwear.

Should you wear your cosiest garments to ward off the icy walk to and from the office? Or is that simply inviting trouble when you step inside its stuffy confines and find yourself being slowly braised by an overbearing central heating system? Of course, such problems don’t affect those who work al fresco, for whom simply keeping their body temperature at an acceptable level throughout the day is the prime concern. But whatever industry you operate in and wherever your place of work happens to be, the answer to the conundrum is the same: layers.

Layering your Workwear

Arriving at your workplace swaddled in layers allows you to insulate yourself against the harshest extremes of the thermometer while outside, as well as regulating your own temperature when you head indoors. At Garment Printing, we offer a complete range of work-appropriate clothing options, all of which can be fully customised to bear the name of your company and its logo. In this way, you can dress yourself and your staff in a manner that prioritises comfort and promotes a feeling of kinship, without sacrificing any of your brand’s identity.

Here’s a quick look at the various options on offer, as well as ideas about how to pair them up to create a layered workwear wardrobe that’s effective at keeping your staff warm and ensuring they look the part while wearing their uniform.

Base layers

Much like the keystone in a bridge or the foundations of a house, the base layer is a crucial ingredient when it comes to assembling your winter workwear outfit. You’ll want something that’s both insulating and breathable, so that it can keep the wearer warm while outside but ensure they don’t overheat when entering hotter climes. We have an extensive range of t shirts, performance vests and cycling jerseys which can serve as the ideal beginning layer, while polo shirts can add a touch of class for office, corporate or hospitality settings.

Middle layers

This is where the garments you opt for will depend largely on the environment in which you work. Those who spend the majority of their time indoors might be satisfied with a smartly tailored shirt or blouse, especially if working in a job where interaction with the general public is a central facet of their responsibilities. On the other hand, those working in the open air may benefit from something a little heavier, such as a sweatshirt, fleece or hoodie. Of course, specialised industries like healthcare, cookery or construction may require specific items of clothing – all of which can be personalised by the team at Garment Printing.

Outer layers

The outer layer is undoubtedly going to be most crucial for external workers, but it’s just as important for indoor staff to layer up and protect themselves from the elements when not in their normal working environment. With a wide range of bomber jackets, waterproof jackets and insulated jackets in our online collection, you can be sure there’s an option that’s best suited to your company ethos and your brand’s unique identity.


As well as protecting the core body parts, it’s imperative you don’t forget about the extremities, either. We’re talking specifically about hats, scarves and gloves, all of which can be the difference between a comfortable and healthy workforce which performs at its best and one which is plagued by colds, coughs and umpteen other sniffles which are prevalent at this time of year. Branding these items with your company credentials and issuing them to all members of staff will help to create an impression of professionalism, encourage employee loyalty and raise brand awareness, all at once.

Walking in a Garment Printing wonderland

Are you looking to reinvigorate your company’s workwear for the coming year? Winter presents a great opportunity to do so and by equipping your employees with layers of branded clothing, you can ensure they have a garment suitable for any occasion or season – not just winter. Head over to our workwear catalogue and browse our extensive online range. And don’t forget that we offer generous discounts when you buy in bulk! Breathe new life into your corporate clothing with layered workwear today.