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How T-shirt printing boosts political and social movements

Today we live in a world that is totally connected and every day people have more and more of a need to communicate their social ideas or political preferences to the world. This is usually in order to convince the rest of the world that their thinking is the right one and convince them to follow that same thinking. With the passing of the days, more tools appear to communicate such as social networks, advertisements and many technological tools. These are good options to publicise the movements and get people to join them. But we can’t forget that everything we use also expresses and communicates a lot of information. It’s a proven fact that what we communicate is made up of 30% of the words we use and 70% of other factors that are called non-verbal communication. Custom t shirts, belonging to non-verbal communication, have the ability to communicate a lot of information, to move masses and help you achieve your goals.

Although personalised t shirts can be considered an old tool, it is a fundamental and very important tool. They have been used for many years as they’re a very effective way to advertise anything, including social or political movements. Weather you sell them or you’re giving them as a present, all the people who buy the shirt will be promoting and advertising your brand/message for free. Below we’ve outlined two key advantages that will give the use of t-shirt printing for social and political movements.


Visibility is vital for any social or political movement! The main thing is to spread your message to as many people as possible. With the use of t-shirt printing it will be easy to show the social or political movement to which you belong. The shirts have a very large space where you can print some words and images that show the message you want to convey.

Attract the audience

By using personalised shirts you can also attract more people to your movement. By using keywords, images or key designs you will attract more people to join you so that your movement takes much more strength.

“More than half of consumers have a personalised t shirts by some brand, idea or company – custom t shirts are the most used item with 58%”. Global Advertising Specialities impressions Study, 2014 edition.

If we want to make a group of people aware of your topic then t-shirt printing is the right tool for you. Contact us today for all your printing needs and enquiries, we’re always happy to help!