How Promotional Notebooks can Get you more Customers

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

With smartphones, laptops and other connected devices an increasingly ubiquitous presence in our daily lives, it’s clear that the digital revolution is here to stay. However, that doesn’t mean the old ways are gone forever. Despite the popularity of gadgets and gizmos, the heft of a good notebook in your hand, the smell of its pages in your nostrils and the relaxing effect of writing by hand means that pen and paper is still a hugely popular media.

With that in mind, leveraging the enormous potential offered by promotional notebooks can help you to reach a new customer base, increase awareness around your brand and help convert more prospects into leads and more leads into sales. What’s more, distributing notebooks emblazoned with your company name, logo or slogan can retain that new custom as well, by rewarding loyalty and encouraging consumers to come back to your brand, time and time again.

Get More Customers with Notebooks

Still unconvinced? If you’re considering a promotional giveaway campaign as part of your marketing drive, but aren’t yet sure which products to plump for, here are five ways in which the use of promotional notebooks can help you boost brand exposure, get more customers and ensure you keep them for today, tomorrow and beyond.

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1)  Practicality

According to a recent survey by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), the number one factor in creating the perfect promotional gift is its usefulness. Indeed, this idea scored almost four times more positively than any other, with people viewing an item that adds practical value to their lives as far more enticing than other attention-grabbing but less purpose-serving options. Despite the rise in technology, writing by hand still remains a hugely popular method of note-taking (just witness the continuing growth of the stationery industry), so equipping existing clients and potential ones with the means of doing so will mark you out in their mind.

2)  Mobility

The fact that notebooks are not anchored to one fixed spot and can be taken with their owner everywhere they go means that they are mobile forms of advertising that will far outstrip their point of distribution. Rather than just catching eyes and turning heads at a trade show or corporate event, notebooks will give your brand increased exposure every time they’re taken out of a bag or laid on a desk, whether that be in an office, coffee shops or other public places of interest. This kind of outreach is invaluable in building a brand that becomes increasingly recognisable the more it is seen.

3)  Longevity

Unlike some other promotional items, branded notebooks have an incredibly long shelf life. Not only will they continue to act as miniature mobile billboards for your company each and every time they are used by their owner, but they could also theoretically become reference books once the pages are full, adorning the walls or desk of an office forevermore. As such, notebooks offer unparalleled longevity with potentially no expiration date whatsoever; when you consider the short lives of some other common giveaway items, the longevity of the notebook becomes incredibly attractive.

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4)  Sustainability

In a global community that is increasingly concerned about the impact the human race is having on our planet, green credentials are all the rage. This is one reason why paper and pen have enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years, since the old-fashioned way uses far less energy and resources than its technological counterparts. By branding notebooks and giving them away for free, you’re showcasing your company’s ability to not only give people a gift they will use, but also one which allows them to reduce their carbon footprint. This can only reflect beneficially on your outfit.

5)  Versatility

Whereas many promotional items are simply too small to allow for effective advertising, notebooks offer a wide range of options for company branding. As well as customising the front cover with a tasteful design that reflects the values of your brand, you could also consider a variety of other methods of inserting subtle but effective forms of advertising. For example, a belly band around the product gives it a more instantaneous appeal, while full page inserts can offer much more detailed information about your company without compromising the product’s usefulness. A matching pen could also complete the set and really hammer home an impression for your brand.

With those reasons in mind, it’s clear that using promotional notebooks to get more customers is not only affordable and hassle-free form of marketing, it’s one that will continue to reap benefits for your company months and even years down the line. With the ability to fully customise the design of your notebook and order it online, the process couldn’t be simpler. Check out our online range to find a size and price point that suits your business and take the next step towards enhancing your customer portfolio today.

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