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At Garment Printing we cannot wait for the World Cup to begin. In previous articles we have shared with you the best World Cup gifts for football fans, as well as our extensive experience in printing football shirts. Now it is time for a round of predictions, where the biggest football fans within our team will forecast what’ll happen at this year’s football World Cup.

Our UK Production Manager Simon will be supporting his native England, although after being in sunny Spain for over 16 years he’ll be closely following the Spaniards too. Simon expects the German team to revalidate their title and win this World Cup after lifting the trophy in Brazil 4 years ago. Simon’s runner-up will be Brazil, and the surprise of the tournament will be Belgium, with potential to make the semi-finals for the second time on their history.

Our Spain Sales ninja Julián agrees with Simon on the tournament champion (Germany), although he sees England as a finalist and Spain as a surprise of the event after their disappointing performance 4 years ago, where they didn’t even qualify for the knock-out stages. Julián will show his support to Italy, who can be the first team to win it without being qualified for it!

On the other hand, Garment Printing’s UK Sales Team Leader Mark will not be supporting any team in particular, although he predicts a thrilling final between France and Belgium won by the French, who will come back to the top after triumph in 1998. According to Mark, the surprise in Russia will be Iran!

Our Bi-lingual Content Intern Juan Manuel will be rooting for his motherland Colombia in this World Cup, although he sees in Neymar’s Brazil the Cup champion. He believes the runner-up will the Germany, with the Spanish side being the surprise of the tournament.

Garment Printing’s latest signing to the Marketing team Charlie will be supporting England this summer. However, Charlie thinks the talented Spanish side (David Silva, Isco, Iniesta…) will beat Brazil in a nail-biting final the 15th of July.

The surprise of the World Cup according to Charlie will be England, who will aim to make their supporters forget the embarrassing defeat against Iceland in Euro 2016.

Our Business Development Manager Paul will be supporting a quite Liverpool-heavy Brazilian team in Russia. Paul agrees with Charlie on the tournament champion (Spain) and the finalist (Brazil), and additionally believes the result of the final will be 1-0 for the Europeans, with Brazil goalkeeper Allison getting a bang on the head and throwing the ball into his own goal (sound familiar?). The revelation team for Paul will be England, captained by the lethal Harry Kane.

Finally, Garment Printing’s CEO Gavin agrees with Simon and Julián and believes Germany will be crowned in Moscow, against EnglandEgypt is Gavin’s surprise of the tournament, led by Liverpool ace Mohamed Salah. Gavin has stated that this World Cup he would be support clearly the most professional and efficient team in the industryGarment Printing!

Now that you’ve got all our predictions… Tells us who do you agree with and let the games begin! And do not forget who to contact if you’re after high quality printed t shirts at the most competitive prices.

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