Four ways to wear an embroidered polo shirt

Embroidered Polo Shirts
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So, you’ve just bought some custom polo shirts and you’re wondering what environments can you staff now wear them in. Embroidered polo shirts are brilliant because they have an excellent way of bridging the gap between comfort and fashion, but many people are still left wondering if they’re smart enough for work and comfortable enough for all-day use.

To help you with your polo shirt woes, I’ve created four different ways that you could wear a polo shirt so you can make the most out of your investment.


At number four we have the the comfortable, casual, wear in anywhere look. From concerts to family gatherings, this look is perfect and what’s more – it’s incredibly simple to achieve the look as all you need to do is throw on a pair of your favourite jeans and combine this with a pair of boots or trainers and you’re ready to go. The beauty of the polo shirt is that it combines comfort with style. So, even for those casual days where you just fancy a stroll through the town without getting dolled up, the polo shirt is perfect.

With this particular look, a pair of jeans will work well. It doesn’t matter if you normally rock skinny jeans, ripped jeans, bootcut or flared – it really doesn’t matter. The idea behind this look is remaining casual and comfortable while being ready to go out anywhere.


Combining your polo shirt with a denim jacket and a pair of chinos is a brilliant way of creating a look which is truly at home with any event. Whether you’re working in the city or having a break in the countryside –  a polo shirt and chinos combination can create a suave and sophisticated look which is difficult to achieve with any other type of attire.

Chinos are the perfect trouser type to capture this look. They can be paired with shoes, boots, plimsolls or trainers and still provide the stylish and casual look that you crave. Combining them with a polo shirt and a denim jacket ensures that you’re always prepared to go wherever life takes you.


If you’re playing sports, or even if you’re just going to watch, combining a polo shirt with a hoodie and a pair of jogging bottoms is perfect. The lightweight material used helps to keep you cool while you’re running and the overall design also means that you still look smart if you’re meeting clients at a local football match.

Jogging bottoms or jogging shorts? It doesn’t matter. This casual dress down look is perfect for any occasion which doesn’t require you to dress up.


Whether your work requires a smart or a smart / casual appearance, the polo shirt is perfect. You can combine it with suit trousers, chinos and jeans and still look stylish and ready for work. Thanks to the collar, you can also pair it with your favourite tie and not look out of place even in the most stylish of office environments.

What’s more, for a truly professional look, you can get an embroidered polo shirt which boasts your name, company name and company logo to make the polo shirt the perfect personalised fashion accessory.

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