Ensure you’re ready for winter with coats, jackets and hoodies

winter coats
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In the infamous words of Ned Stark, winter is coming. Actually, scratch that – it’s already been here for weeks now. The days are depressingly short, the nights are interminably long and the mercury in the thermometer seems to have developed an acute fear of heights. It can only mean one thing – your winter workwear wardrobe needs an overhaul.

Maintaining sufficient levels of body heat is a concern for anyone braving the Great British winter, but it’s especially important for those who spend the majority of their working hours outdoors. Fortunately, we stock a wide variety of winter workwear that’s ideal for keeping your employees warm, dry and safe, without inhibiting their performance or compromising on the aesthetic of your brand when viewed by members of the general public. Combining effortless style with durable, robust materials, our range of garments is sure to contain the items on your Christmas wish list.

Winter coats, jackets and hoodies

Check out our full catalogue online, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the cosier articles of clothing in our collection. All of the following items are manufactured by reputable brands, come in a wide variety of colours and can be fully customised to display the name and logo of your company, as well as any other information you desire.


As the outermost layer of any ensemble, a sturdy and waterproof jacket is key to ensuring you and your workforce are prepared for whatever Jack Frost throws at them. We stock a huge array of styles, from rain jackets and bomber jackets to parkas and insulated jackets, meaning there’s sure to be an option to fit the bill.


Body Warmers are a great way to insulate the torso and keep your core temperature at the right level, without running the risk of the rest of the body becoming overheated or restricting movement during use. These can be especially useful for employees who have to use their hands and arms on a regular basis, but who also spend plenty of time outdoors.


Fleeces are a greatly versatile piece of attire. Whether worn underneath other clothing to enhance insulation and really keep your staff warm on the coldest of days, or donned as the outermost layer in a slightly less extreme environment, they’re fashionable and functional items of workwear that last the test of time.


With the additional luxury of an attached hood, hoodies are like new and improved upgrades on the sweatshirts. They’re thick enough to lend their warming properties to the wearer, while still lightweight enough to avoid the feeling of being overly swaddled. What’s more, they’ve skyrocketed in popularity in the last 20 years, meaning they’re now desirable fashion items in their own right. That means your staff are more likely to wear them outside of work, increasing brand outreach.


Don’t forget the bottom half of the body! Whether it’s a chic and smart pair of trousers for the office, a hardy multi-pocketed pair of cargo pants for use on a construction site or any other form of legwear that’s needed, our online range is sure to have it. We only work with the most reputable manufacturers, such as Dickies, Premier and Russell, meaning you can rest assured the trousers will stand your staff in good stead for many moons to come.


A base layer is often overlooked, but can afford incredible protection in the harshest of working environments. Our selection of thermal t-shirts, trousers and long johns have been specifically designed to retain body heat, absorb moisture and improve circulation, ensuring your staff can still perform to the best of their abilities in even the most inclement conditions.

Hats, scarves and gloves

Knitwear is almost synonymous with winter, but less regularly seen in the workplace. Kitting out company employees with hats and scarves are sure to keep them snug and satisfied, while gloves are an absolute must for anyone spending lengthy periods of time outdoors in sub-zero temperatures. Again, these are items that are likely to be worn by your workforce outside of office hours, so emblazoning them with the company credentials is an easy way to access extra advertising.

Hi-vis apparel

Certain industries (such as construction, road traffic or the emergency services) demand that their representatives wear hi-vis gear to enhance their visibility and increase their safety. These are frequently smaller items with no warming properties, such as waistcoats and vests, but we also stock all manners of hi-vis winter workwear, including heavy-duty traffic jackets, hoodies and even full body waterproof suits.

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