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5 Best Hoodie Brands To Personalise

Ah, that good ol’ hoodie – a wardrobe staple for decades that, in recent years, became a highly sought after fashion item. With the rise in personalised clothing, hoodies and sweatshirts have become functional beyond their reliability as a go-to casual streetwear look, something to just throw on after a gym session or a warm top to grab before leaving the house in cooler weather.  That’s why we’ve compiled this list of what we believe to be 5 of the best hoodie brands to personalise, along with the exact criteria to look for when deciding which brand has the best fit for your printing needs.  

 Versatile, functional and worn by just about everyone, today, personalised hoodies can fulfil a business branding or corporate gift need, as well as in a personal capacity. But what makes a great hoodie great? And which brands should you consider when choosing a hoodie to purchase and personalise? With the endless variety available, it can become a difficult choice to make. 

Best hoodie brands to personalise

What are the best hoodie brands?

At Garment Printing, we pride ourselves on being able to partner with leading clothing and best hoodie brands to bring our customers the best in terms of quality, comfort and price. Our hoodie brands include Gildan, AWDis, Stanley Stella, and Continental, to name a few. The ability to look good and feel great is what we look for in a garment brand. It’s hard to say which hoodie brand is best, so we’ve listed five of our favourites below. And we’ll let a customer’s preference be the ultimate deciding factor. 

1. Gildan Hoodies

Available in both zip-through and pullover styles, our Gildan hoodies are versatile, comble and come in six unique fabric and style combinations. The DryBlend Adult Hooded Sweatshirt, for example, is a classic pullover hoodie. This one comes in 14 different colours making it the perfect candidate for a personalised hoodie. Not a fan of the pullover style? Try the:

DryBlend Adult Hooded Sweatshirt

2. AWDis Hoodie

Available in a variety of styles beyond the classic pullover or zip-through, AWDis Hoodies are perfect for personalising and suit the preferences of just about everyone. The best thing about AWDis hoodies? They’re available in over 60 colours, and 9 sizes. Their range of Regen Knitted Hoodies is very popular for personalising, especially in the colder months, and recently we’ve seen an increase in demand for their Women’s Fashion Cropped style. 

Our best selling AWDis hoodie is: 

AWDis Just Hoods – Girlie College Hoodie

3. Stanley Stella Hoodies

Stanley Stella is one of the leading best hoodies for men and women that focuses on sustainability and values simplicity of style. The essence of Stanley Stella is the work they’re doing to change the perceptions of the textile industry. 

We carry a range of sixteen Stanley Stella hoodies, with something from the entire family. Cropped, tie-dye, zip-through, sweatshirt, pull-over, oversized, work hoodies – you name it, they make it and we supply it. We trust the quality of their brand and value people in the same way, that’s why we partnered with Stanley Stella in our efforts to provide our customers with garments that are nothing short of excellent.

Our best selling Stanley Stella hoodie is: 

StanleyStella – Unisex Cruiser iconic hoodie sweatshirt

4. Continental Hoodies

What you picture when you think of the best hoodie brands, that’s what you’ll get when you choose Continental. Classic in style, basic in cut and traditional in colour options, Continental hoodies are reliable in quality and therefore, they’re highly recommended for personalising. Continental hoodies are all made from organic and recycled fabrics. In addition, they’re all unisex and are available in six sizes. 

Our best selling Continental hoodie is:

EarthPositive – Men’s / Unisex Pullover Hoody

5. Fruit of the Loom Hoodies

Made from only the finest sustainably sourced cotton, Fruit of the Loom hoodies are authentic in quality, style and value. One of the oldest textile producers in the world, Fruit of the Loom are committed to providing consumers with colourful clothing items that are long-lasting, comfortable, and of course, look good.

Our best selling Fruit of the loom hoodie is:

Fruit Of The Loom Classic Hooded Basic Sweatshirt


The hoodie market is saturated, but that doesn’t mean they’re worth buying. Here at Garment Printing, we’re committed to sourcing ethical garments and carrying something for everyone. What makes our hoodies the perfect choice for personalising is that they’re compatible with a variety of different printing techniques. This means you can personalise them to suit your specific needs and tastes. So be it for a corporate gift, a personal brand, everyday wear or even a birthday gift for a friend, we have the right hoodie for you. For more on the hoodies we carry, visit our personalised hoodies online shop now.